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    Press the "Acceleration Key" for Wuhan, Creality 3D Signs A Contract with Wuhan Government
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News


    At zero o'clock on April 8, when the bell of Jianghan pass rang, the bright lights lit up Wuhan again. Wuhan, with the persistence of 9 million people, waited for the warm spring river and the cherry blossom in the city.

    At 11 a.m. of the same day, the first activity of "cloud investment promotion" in Wuhan 2020 themed "Hero City, you are stronger" gathered at the "cloud" end through the special ways of "screen to screen" and "line connection" to seek common development.

    Creality 3D signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Wuhan municipal government to jointly promote the settlement of 3D printing industry in Wuhan, so as to smoothly press the economic "acceleration key" for the "unsealed" Wuhan city and guarantee the accelerated development of regional innovative enterprises.

    Press the Acceleration Key for Wuhan, Creality 3D Signs A Contract with Wuhan-02

    (The first activity of "cloud investment promotion" in Wuhan in 2020)

    Zhou Xianwang, deputy secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee and mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's government, presided over the "cloud investment promotion" activity. At the meeting, Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, expressed deep gratitude to the entrepreneurs on behalf of the CPC Municipal Committee and the municipal government. He also said that Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces, has great advantages in the new land rights era. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government will take investment attraction as an important starting point for economic recovery after the epidemic, and will provide the most complete policy guarantee and the best service environment for entrepreneurs to innovate and start businesses in Wuhan.

    As the signing representative of enterprises outside the province, Liu Huilin, co-founder and vice president of Creality3D, signed the contract online. As a world-famous 3D printer manufacturer, Creality3D has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, and has successively set up overseas service centers in Europe and North America, mainly engaged in 3D printer manufacturing and research and development. Its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Its annual shipment volume ranks first in the domestic 3D printer industry, and its comprehensive strength is in the forefront of the global 3D printer industry.


    In this cooperation, Creality 3D invested 600 million yuan in Wuhan, established a 3D printing industry project in Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone (East and West Lake area), and will achieve an annual production capacity of 2 million 3D printers within three years after its completion and operation. Liu Huilin said that at present, Creality3D has its production base and software development company in Wuhan, and has formed a relatively complete industrial support. This additional investment in Wuhan mainly focuses on Wuhan's outstanding talent advantage, regional center advantage and industrial environment advantage, and hopes to contribute an important force to the overall recovery of Wuhan's economy after the outbreak. Creality3D will make great efforts to build and operate Wuhan 3D printing industry project, create a new highland of 3D printing technology in Central China, drive Wuhan to form 3D printing industry cluster with demonstration function, and become the largest 3D printer production base in the world after completion and operation.


    (Creality3D signs the contract)

    The signing of this contract is undoubtedly a "heart strengthening needle" injected by Creality3D for Wuhan's resumption of production and economic "restart". Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, Creality3D has always been closely following the development trend of Wuhan's heroic city. When the epidemic spread in Wuhan at the early stage, Creality3D donated 300000rmb to help Wuhan in the first time, which was specially used for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

    On the first day of Wuhan's unlock down, the signing of Creality3D and Wuhan municipal government is not only a strong continuation of Creality3D's warm heart to help Wuhan, but also a vivid portrayal of Creality3D's active undertaking of the responsibility of large enterprises and boosting the country's entrepreneurial hot land to rejuvenate its vitality.

    I believe that with the in-depth promotion and successful implementation of the strategic cooperation between Creality3D and Wuhan, it will further integrate with the restarted development of Wuhan and resonate with the same frequency. In the future, with a further, higher, deeper and more comprehensive vision, Creality3D will give full play to its advantages in the field of 3D printing industry, implement the standard construction and standardization process of 3D printing industry, and accelerate the landing and development of 3D printing in Wuhan.

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