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    CR-Silk 1.75mm PLA 3D Printing Filament 1kg

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    1000 in stock
    Main Features
    Better Filament Plan
    Delicate and Glossy
    Silky Touch
    Neat Winding
    High Toughness
    Degradable Material
    High Glossy and Silk Texture

    Silk-like and high gloss appearance attract eye-popping attention, stand out from filaments and models.

    Smooth and Delicate Silky Touch

    Get the pearlescent & gorgeous printing surface without polishing, smoothy model surface with the pearly and unique touch.

    Verified by BFP--Perfectly Compatible with Creality Printers

    And compatible with 99% FDM Printers in the market

    Neat Winding, Smooth Feeding

    Neat winding without tangle and the material is fed smoothly during printing.

    Metallic Color: Gold, Silver, Red copper

    With nice and glossy color brings your prints a rich and "metallic" finish.

    Toughness Upgraded without Breakage

    Professionally designed formula to improve the gloss and enhance the toughness of the filament.

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