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    Creality&BASF Ultra Series PLA 3D Printing Filament 1kg( Co-branded)

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    Improve 3D Printing Efficiency

    With lightning-fast print speeds of up to 600mm/s, you can now effortlessly and rapidly produce your products, ensuring both time efficiency and impeccable print quality

    Flow Models Ultra High SpeedPrinting Comparison

    Maximum Speed 600mm/s Printing Volumetric Flow Model Testing

    Flow ModelsUltra High Speed Printing Comparison

    Creality BASF ULTRA PLA VS Other PLAs

    Creality BASF ULTRA PLA Flat surface, fine texture, intact

    Other PLAs Insufficient extrusion, broken layer, unable to mold

    3D Printing Cases

    BASF Co branded Ultra Series PLA
    Product Parameters
    Product Name: Creality BASF ULTRA PLA
    Filament Diameter: 1.75±0.03mm
    Net Weight: 1.0kg/2.20lb
    Single Roll Package Size: 210x210x70mm
    Packing Specification:12 spools / carton
    Packing Size:450x440x230mm
    Density: 1.25
    Heat Deflection Temperature: 66℃
    Melt Index: 5.2 g/10min
    Tensile Strength(X-Y): 45.9 Mpa
    E-modulus(X-Y): 3140Mpa
    Percentage of Breaking Elongation(X-Y):7.4Mpa
    Flexural Strength(X-Y): 71.4Mpa
    Flexural Modulus(X-Y): 2970Mpa
    Impact Strength, Izod: 25kJ/m2
    Nozzle Temperature: 200-230℃
    Hot Bed Temperature: 25-60℃
    Suitable Printing Platform: PEI sheet, PC sheet, Carbon Silicon Glass sheet
    Model Cooling Fan: 100%
    Print Speed: <600mm/s
    Retraction Distance: 0.4-0.8mm
    Retraction Speed: 40mm/s
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