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    3D Digital Spool Rack-S (Single)

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    Accurate weighing, Estimate filament remaining weight

    Accurately weighing and showing the remaining filament weight, avoid insufficient filament causing unable to print the complete model.

    Built-in bearing Smoother feeding

    The spool rack has built-in bearings to reduce the feeding resistance of the extruder, making the feeding smoother and reducing roller wear.

    Large-diameter roller design reduces shaking

    The large-diameter roller design fits better with the filament spool, reducing the large shaking of the filament and helping the printer run smoothly

    High-brightness digital tube display, intuitive and cool

    High-brightness digital tube display to display the weight. Overall appearance is simple and elegant, intuitive and cool.

    Simple operation Easy installation

    One-button touch operation, concise interface, simple operation logic.

    Easy installation and wide adaptability

    Strong performance Long lasting power

    Built-in rechargeable battery, long-term energy storage, stable performance, standby for 3-6 months with one charge

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