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    XEV launches 3-D printing pure electric vehicle first in Eurasia Market
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Recently, startups X Electrical Vehicle Limited (XEV) said that their 3-D printed electric vehicle LSEV will be officially launched this year. New cars may be launched in European and Asian markets at a starting price of $10,000 (about 68,000 yuan). The main parts of this model all adopt 3D printing technology. Technical production, full power endurance 150 km.


    XEV is a new energy company with European capital injection and Chinese background. XEV has advantages in user experience oriented personalized customized design and automobile design. The company's core technical team is composed of elites at home and abroad (including former FCA design director, former Maserati interior design director and multi-generation VW Golf model engineering director). The company is based in Hong Kong and the design center is located in Turin, Italy.

    According to the earlier news, LSEV will be officially launched in April this year. For this reason, we checked with XEV officials. It is reported that the new car's listing plan remains unchanged and the time is slightly delayed. LSEV looks no different from ordinary mini-electric vehicle in appearance. It also adopts a fully enclosed front face design. The "C" design on the side of the body has a high recognition.

    The new car has two doors and two seats. Its body size is 2528/1400/1545 mm and its weight is 450 kg. With 9.6 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries and support for power change, if the battery is fully charged, the maximum speed of 70 km/h can reach 150 km.


    In addition to chassis, seat and glass components, other major parts of the car are made by 3D printing technology. XEV has cooperated with Polymaker, a new material developer in Shanghai, to enhance its material performance and enhance the flexibility and stability of the vehicle. Conventional vehicles usually have about 2000 parts, while LSEV has 40-60 parts. According to safety assessment, the strength of such 3D printing vehicles is 4-5 times that of conventional vehicles.

    XEV plans to build its own 3D printing car and officially launch its production line in 2019. The starting price of the new car may be $10,000 (about 68,000 yuan). If the vehicle is manufactured by 3D printing technology, the production cycle can be shortened by three quarters and the cost can be reduced by 90%. LSEV adopts C2M manufacturing mode, which means that customers can directly contact the factory to order vehicles, and 3D printing technology also makes vehicle design more flexible and more in line with customized requirements. XEV said it had received orders for nearly 7,000 vehicles and was scheduled to begin delivering LSEV to customers in Europe and Asia in 2019.

    Source from: creality 3d printer