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    Would you like to know about a 3D printer? This excellent article tells you
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Would you like to know about a 3D printer? Creality 3D tells you that the most important thing is to understand the parameters. In terms of parameter setting, there are many similarities between 3D printer and ordinary printer, only one spits ink, one spits gypsum, resin, plastic, one is single layer, one is multi-layer.

    Would you like to know a 3D printer? For those who don't understand 3D printing technology, it's also difficult. If you have the potential desire to buy a 3D printer, you should analyze the 3D printer from different angles. For example, from the fuselage, parameters, appearance, after-sales, brand are extremely important parameters; from a rational point of view, consider the needs and practicality of printers.

    The following is a detailed explanation of how to buy a high cost-effective, stable 3D printer.


    First of all, you need to know what type of 3D printer is based on FDM technology, SLA light curing technology, SLS laser selective sintering method, even LOM stacking technology, etc. At present, the popular 3D printing equipment based on FDM technology is because the price is lower than that of industry. Class 3-D printer.

    Secondly, printing speed is one of the most critical parameters of a 3D printer, so the price can vary several times. Generally, different 3D printing technologies are used, and the measurement criteria of 3D printing speed are also different. The speed of the printer will directly affect the time and quality of the printed items. If the speed is less than 10% or 5%, the time of printing large items varies from hundreds of hours, and the working efficiency is too slow to waste time.

    Thirdly, we need to know what materials it can support printing. In fact, we can also see the quality and level of 3D printers from the printing materials that can be supported. Better 3D printers can support the printing of ABS and PLA materials or more. Compared with the printing of PLA materials, it is a test for printers. In addition, there are significant differences in the usage of different 3D printing materials. The consumption of printer materials can provide a more detailed understanding of the overall printing cost.

    Finally, the test of a 3D printer depends on the stability of the 3D printer, whether it can print a good product sustainably and help customers maximize their benefits. This depends on its printing accuracy and the precision of the model printed under low filling.

    It's important to remind consumers of 3D printers that if you buy a 3D printer that prints out a model that is not exquisite or can't print a complete model at all, it's not necessarily due to machine problems. It may also be due to ABS or PLA materials used by the 3D printer, or to the operation of the printer. The improper setting of software parameters leads to problems in printed models.

    Would the above items give you a clear idea of how good your 3D printer is? Check your own 3D printer!

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