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    Why Does A 3D printer Have A Totally Enclosed Type
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    FDM 3d printer has DIY model and closed model, so what kind of closed model is it? Let's take a look.

    The fans who have been exposed to 3D printing will ask a question, why are some 3D printers sealed with lids? Some are not covered? What are the advantages of a fully enclosed fdm3d printer? Creality 3D can tell you! Take the beautiful 3D cr-5 Pro 3D printer as an example. The printing size is 300 x 225 x 380 mm. The enclosed space makes it have the following printing characteristics:

    Why Does A 3D printer Have A Totally Enclosed Type-01

    Safety factors

    Considering that the nozzle and printing platform can reach quite high temperature, the closed 3D printer can provide stable home or workplace safety. This makes 3D printer scenes safer for families with children or for education.

    The universality of choosing printing materials

    The closed printing space can prevent unnecessary air flow from changing the printing environment, thus preventing 3D printing objects from warping, and also making the printing environment warmer than the open structure. The case can help maintain a stable and suitable output environment, making it an ideal choice for printing special 3D printing materials (such as ABS, nylon).

    Print quality

    In addition to the above points, the frame structure of the closed 3D printer is stronger than that of the open printer - which also improves the quality of 3D printing. Especially compared with ABS and large 3D printing parts, the printing effect will be different.

    Reduce noise and heat loss

    3D printers with enclosures are generally quieter. This makes them more suitable to operate in a desktop environment. This is also an additional benefit because closed 3D printers have less heat dissipation, so they are easier to place around devices with less temperature fluctuations, such as high-power computers.

    To give a little suggestion, if you want to print more consumables and more refined products, you can try this type of 3D printer.

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