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    What can Creality3d Printers do for us?
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Creality3D printers can help the enterprises to reduce production costs and help model lovers to create more happiness. 
    Founded in 2014, Shenzhen Creality3D Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer and preacher of 3D printing industry. The company has been committed to the market-oriented application of 3D printers, providing individuals, families, schools and enterprises with efficient and affordable comprehensive 3D printing solutions. It has advanced large-scale R & D center, 3D printing laboratory and Creative Research Institute, modern production line, 24-hour continuous professional testing line and strict quality control system, and ensures product quality from the source. The products are exported to more than 80 countries Home and region, ranking the top of the global 3D printer sales list for a long time

    Creality 3D is worthy of all expectations. Every time a new product is launched, it will be recognized by new and old customers. Based on the excellent product quality, the customer's word-of-mouth has established a good reputation in the industry.

    Here below is the new model of : Creality3d Ender 5 Pro

    To solve problems for customers is our unchanging original intention. For enterprises: our products can better reduce production costs, but also make machine parts more accessible. For individual users: we respect every model enthusiast's input and intention in preferences, and enjoy the happiness of creation.


    High precision 3D printing, exquisite and lifelike

    Dimensional accuracy

    Structural stability

    Smooth and delicate texture


    High rate of excellent products in one-time molding

    One time molding, high quality rate

    Reduce waste of consumables


    user friendly design

    Easy to operate, reduce the difficulty of beginners

    Power off for continuous beating and material breaking detection

    Silent printing, no noise

    Small machines do not occupy land


    Rapid prototyping

    For designers who want to verify the feasibility of the idea in real time, the creative 3D printer can print multiple groups of parts at the same time for the mold with complex structure, and complete the printing and assembly of all parts in a short time.


    Stronger daily applicability

    Widely used in work and life, it can manually print some daily household products.


    After sales service team composed of professional and technical personnel

    Every customer who purchases our products, no matter whether they are printing Xiaobai or experienced users who have been proficient in operation, our professional after-sales personnel will help you one-on-one in the first time as long as they have the demand.


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