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    What Can 3D Printers Print?
    03.04.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printer is actually a very magical product, it can really realize your ideas, print out real things. Of course, if you use modeling software, you can print what you want, or you can only download the existing ones on some websites.

    It only needs a suitable place for 3D printer operation. As long as you have rich and colorful imagination, it can create a variety of new products. We have seen some people make plastic sneakers, plastic gloves, earrings, robots, small toys, toy dogs, floating bath toys, airplanes, water cups, door handles, napkin rings, robots, bracelets, chess pieces and so on A lot! Just create any 3D model data and print it with a 3D printer, and you can start your wonderful creative journey.

    3D printers can also be used for the production of small and micro batch products! Often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to make models! In this way, we can quickly show the product samples to customers or carry out marketing promotion. After the model is built, the finished product will be produced. For some small batch production customized products, even the cost of mold can be saved! Printing time is proportional to the size and complexity of the setup. It takes about 2-3 hours to print a normal fist size phone case.

    Let's say it's used in movies! Custom props. It seems that sci-fi objects can be received by 3D scanning and 3D printing! The working principle of 3D printing technology is very simple. On the computer, drawing software and model can be converted into printable documents, which can wake up the nozzle of 3D printer with one button, and can use layers of stacked entities of plastic, photosensitive resin or metal. In terms of image, the ordinary printer is to export 2D images or graphic data files to paper with ink! The 3D printer outputs the raw materials, such as metal, ceramic, plastic, yarn, etc., into a thin layer, and then continuously stack them layer by layer, and finally become a space entity, just like building a house is made of bricks, while 3D printing objects are made of raw materials!

    Unlike the traditional method of subtraction, 3D printing has its own advantages. The 3D printer has the advantages of rapid prototyping height, flexible cost saving and so on. It doesn't matter how complicated the geometry is. On the contrary, the more complicated the structure is, the more likely it is because of more hollows, less materials and lower cost, which is the opposite of the traditional production.

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