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    What are the factors that affect the price of 3D printers
    03.18.2021 | Aiden | News

    In recent years, 3D printing has become a new popular trend. Throughout the domestic intelligent technology industry, more and more 3D printer manufacturers contact with 3D printers once, which may be a little unclear about the price of 3D printers. It's also 3D printers. Why do they differ so much in price? What's the reason? Let's take a look at the factors related to the price of 3D printers. Let's have a further understanding of the price of 3D printers.

    1. The higher the printing accuracy, the higher the price

    Most of the accuracy of 3D printer is determined by the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the printer itself, and the vibration during the working process of the machine will seriously affect the printing accuracy. Therefore, a high-precision printing machine, often with high-quality materials, combination of precision and other characteristics. For example, chuangxiang 3D cr-3040, except for the printing platform, the whole machine adopts metal materials and sheet metal structure, which is very stable; it adopts the world-class industrial level precise double screw positioning drive, which ensures the stability of the machine and the actual printing accuracy.

    2. The general price of imported machines should be high

    The price of imported 3D printers is generally more expensive, but it's better not to import them. But because the cost of production equipment at home and abroad is different, the labor price of western developed countries is relatively high, and the production cost is naturally raised. For example, if Apple mobile phones are assembled in the United States, the cost will certainly be higher than that in China, and the price will naturally be more expensive. According to reports, apple mobile phone has 18 assembly suppliers in the world, while 14 are located in China, which is why many foreign products are "made in China". And the import products generally need to pay import tariffs, value-added taxes and so on. In addition, the price of imported 3D printers is naturally high.

    3. The larger the printing size, the higher the price

    It is also a 3D printer, the larger the molding size, the more expensive the price. This is because the larger the molding size, the higher the requirements for the manufacturing technology, process, stability and other parameters of the machine. For example, chuangxiang 3D cr-3040 can meet the molding volume of 300 * 300 * 400mm, and can work continuously for a long time without any burden, and still maintain good stability. In addition, it has added functions such as power-off continuous printing, consumables monitoring and alarm protection system, so the price has reached five figures.

    4. The more complex the molding technology, the higher the price

    According to the forming principle, 3D printer can be divided into FDM (molten deposition), SLA (light curing) and SLS (laser sintering). FDM technology is the most widely used technology with the lowest cost at present. Its principle is very simple. It mainly melts materials, piles them up layer by layer, and finally forms. SLA technology mainly focuses the laser with specific intensity on the surface of 3D printing material to make it solidified. Most schools, offices and ordinary families use FDM technology 3D printers. The first is that the materials used are relatively environmentally safe. The second is that the price is very friendly to the people. The third is that the operation is simple, and primary and secondary school students can master it. The price of cr-5 is equivalent to that of an apple mobile phone, which is affordable for the general public.

    5. The more nozzles, the higher the price

    At present, the common desktop 3D printer generally has at most two nozzles, that is to say, only two colors can be printed. Due to different quality and technical content, 3D printers produced by different manufacturers will also have some changes in price. Some machines will cost one to two thousand yuan more than single head. Some machines will cost about 1.5 times more than single head.

    The above five points are the factors that affect the price of 3D printers. I believe that after reading this article, you have a further understanding of 3D printers. If you have any other questions, you can consult the three-dimensional online customer service!

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