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    What are the Advantages of Fully Enclosed CR-5 Pro 3D Printer
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    In general, most FDM 3D printers are not sealed on the top floor. Fans who have been in contact with creative 3D printing will ask why some cr-5 Pro 3D printers are sealed with covers. What are the advantages of fully enclosed 3D printers?

    Chuangxiang 3D cr-5 Pro is a kind of quasi industrial 3D printer. Compared with the previous 3D printers, cr-5 Pro should be regarded as the most distinctive shape design. It has an all metal ivory white body, beautiful atmosphere, and clear and transparent glass on the left, middle and right sides. The whole process can be observed during 3D printing. Cr-5 Pro package is equipped with acrylic board as standard, and users can upgrade to fully enclosed body by themselves.

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    The top cover of cr-5 Pro is made of strong acrylic acid, and the acrylic top cover is transparent, which can still monitor the printing process in real time. It doesn't need any complicated installation settings, users just need to put it on the top of the computer. With this top cover, the cr-5 Pro has a completely enclosed print area. So what are the specific benefits?

    1. Use safety

    Considering that nozzles and printing platforms can reach some fairly high temperatures, enclosed 3D printers provide stable home or workplace security. This is especially important in home scenes and school education scenes where children or pets are present, so that children can't touch high-temperature parts, such as nozzles and printing platforms.

    2. A wide range of printable materials

    After the cr-5 Pro has a top cover, it forms a closed space, which can prevent unnecessary airflow from changing the printing environment. It can not only prevent 3D printing objects from warping, but also make the printing environment warmer than the open structure. The case helps to maintain a stable and suitable output environment, making it very suitable for printing special 3D printing materials such as ABS.

    3. Better print quality

    In addition to the points mentioned above, closed 3D printers have a stronger frame than printers with open architecture, which also improves the quality of 3D printing. Especially for ABS and larger 3D printing parts, the printing quality may be different, depending on the sealing quality of the shell.

    4. Reduce noise and heat loss

    3D printers with enclosures tend to be quieter. This makes them more adaptable to run in an office desktop environment. This is also an added benefit, because enclosed 3D printers dissipate less heat, so they are more likely to stay around devices where temperature fluctuations are not good, such as high-power computers.

    The above is the answer to the relevant questions, I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, you can contact our online customer service.

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