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    What are the advantages of CREALITY 3D Printers
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    3D printing is a kind of technology based on digital model file, which uses special wax material, powder metal or plastic and other adhesive materials to make 3D objects by printing layers of adhesive materials. So, what are the advantages of 3D printing technology over traditional manufacturing technology?

    1. Affordable & Competitive Price

    The manufacturing cost of 3D printing for product structure complexity is very low. As far as traditional manufacturing is concerned, the more complex the shape of the object, the higher the manufacturing cost and the longer the time. However, 3D printing technology does not have to print a simple model for manufacturing a complex object, which breaks the traditional way of calculating manufacturing cost in manufacturing industry. Therefore, the more complex the product structure is, the more obvious the advantages of 3D printing technology will be. In the future, the cost of products will be fixed by simple materials and volume, while the cost of such as mold opening and fine grinding may not be There will be no coming.


    2. Short production cycle

    Compared with the traditional production method, the injection molding process can achieve the mass production of items with the same shape, so it is very suitable for the mass production of standardized products. 3D printing only needs to input 3D image through the control terminal, parts can be printed and shipped on demand, without any transition or processing, raw materials can be printed into physical models, or even directly manufactured parts or molds, thus effectively shortening the product development cycle. The 3D printer of creative 3D production has been widely used in maker, architectural design, mold model design and other fields.

    3. Small scale, customization and diversification

    The cost of 3D printing is relatively insensitive to scale. A ld-002 3D printer can print various shapes, print various 3D models with various raw materials, and the application object can be any industry, as long as these industries need models and circles. Therefore, it is not necessary to design special mold and configure special production equipment like traditional manufacturing. Therefore, 3D printing is more suitable for the production of small-scale, customized and diversified products, which shows the supply and demand relationship of traditional manufacturing, and can realize highly personalized production according to the objective demand.


    4. Zero skill manufacturing

    Traditional craftsmen need to be apprentices for several years to master the skills they need. Mass production and computer-controlled manufacturing machines reduce the requirements for skills. However, traditional manufacturing machines still need skilled professionals to adjust and calibrate the machines. 3D printer can get various instructions from 3D data files, and it needs less operation skills than injection molding machine to do the same complex objects. Unskilled manufacturing has opened up a new business model, and can provide people with a new way of production in remote environment or extreme situations.


    What are the advantages of 3D printers:

    3D printing is a new technology developing rapidly in the field of manufacturing industry. Compared with the traditional manufacturing industry, 3D printer has obvious advantages. It has become an effective method for manufacturing modern models, molds and parts, occupying unique advantages in aerospace, automobile processing, biomedicine, engineering construction, teaching and research.

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