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    What are the Advantages of 3D Printers
    02.28.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    I believe that with the development of 3D printer, this word is also known by more and more people. Some people may have some doubts. They often see that it can print so many magical 3D printing products on news information. But what are the specific advantages of it?

    What are the Advantages of 3D Printers-01

    Advantages of 3D printers

    1. It can create the appearance that traditional production technology can't make. For example, gorgeous lamps, vivid hand-made, so that we can more intuitive see the appearance of the product, better service to the appearance of customers.

    2. Compared with the traditional manufacturing method, the production efficiency of parts is more efficient. In the past, it took days or even weeks to produce prototypes according to traditional production methods, while 3D printing would hand over the models to the designers within hours. Although a large number of industrial 3D printing machines need to spend longer time printing and post-processing parts, compared with traditional manufacturing technology, the working capacity of small and medium-sized batch production of functional final parts gives a great time-saving advantage, which is generally early delivery time, while independent injection mold may take several weeks.

    3. 3D printing technology does not require machining or any mold. It can be directly transformed into any type of parts from computer graphics data information, thus greatly reducing product development time, improving productivity and reducing costs. Compared with the traditional technology, it reduces the cost and material consumption by abandoning the production line.

    4. Labor cost. One of the key advantages of 3D printing is its low labor cost. Apart from post-processing, most 3D printers only need one or two operators. The machine then follows a fully intelligent process to produce parts. Compared with the traditional manufacturing, which requires skilled Machinists and operators, the labor cost of 3D printers is basically zero.

    5. Customized products. 3D printing can not only give more playability to design ideas, but also can completely customize design ideas. Since today's 3D printing technology can only produce a few parts at a time, it is particularly suitable for small batch production and customized production. This customization has been accepted by the medical and dental industry, and 3D printing can be used to produce customized parts at one time economically and efficiently.

    6. No space occupied and portable manufacturing. In terms of unit production space, compared with traditional production and manufacturing machines, 3D printer has stronger production and manufacturing capacity. For example, an injection molding machine can only produce objects much smaller than itself, and a 3D printer can produce objects as large as its printing table. After the 3D printer is debugged, the printer can move freely, and the printer can produce objects larger than itself.

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