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    Using a 3D printer, Kirky becomes a small monster at home
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    I've seen a shit shovel officer who can play, but I've never seen such a shit shovel officer who can play!

    Today we saw this Twitter using a creative 3-D printer, but he really put the dog in a different way!


    Haha, is it cool? Are you suspicious of what you see?

    Yes, the dog has a skull mask on his head. After wearing such a mask, the dog changes from a simple two-dog to a germ from the second yuan in minutes.

    Is it full of curiosity about this image? Keep your guess in mind first!


    Yagu beast? No, no, no, it must be at least the level of a zombie tyrannosaur. You know, it's not normal.

    The prototype of this mask is from the "Pet Wizard" in the Kolakola, it can be seen that the shovel officer is also a fan of pet wizards ah!

    When the master has an imaginary 3-D printer, the master may use it to play 2-D modeling games, but unexpectedly, in the hands of this shit shovel officer, it has become a pet elf cross-dressing show?


    Cosplay is a great success!

    Look, the dog is watching you through the mask secretly, as if to ask: Cool?

    There is no doubt that this shit shovel officer is the strongest in the dog crowd, the most capable in the hands-on crowd, and the most hairy in the modelling programmer.~

    Although little cute is just a little Kirky, but at first glance, and that never let people see the real face of Karakala is just like a wooden thing!

    Why, is it the wrong size? The mask looks a little inappropriate. What? Never mind? Can the owner do it again?


    In addition to making the skull mask of Coracola, it's easy for a dog to become a Batman with a Creality 3d printer.

    I wonder if you are interested in 3D printing toys after seeing this cute dog?

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