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    Use Value of 3D Printer in Medical Industry
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    As one of the representative cutting-edge technologies, the application value of 3D printing has been recognized by many people in the industry. Now, 3D printing technology has been gradually applied to the medical industry, bringing new opportunities for the medical field. So, what are the applications of 3D printing technology in the medical industry?

    1. Operation Preview Model

    For high-risk and difficult operations, it is very important for volunteer workers to make pre-operative planning. With 3D printing technology, medical workers can directly print out the 3D model with the help of 3D printer equipment, which can not only assist doctors to make accurate surgical planning, improve the success rate of surgery, but also facilitate communication between medical workers and patients about the surgical scheme communication.

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    2. Operation guide

    As an assistant operation tool in the operation process, the operation guide plate can help medical workers to implement the operation plan accurately. At present, the types of surgical guide plate include joint guide plate, spine guide plate, dental implant guide plate, etc. With the help of 3D printing, the surgical guide can make up for the shortcomings of the traditional manufacturing process of surgical guide, and adjust the size and shape of the guide as required. In this way, different patients can have guides that meet their real needs.

    3. Dental application

    In recent years, the application of 3D printing in the field of dentistry has been the focus of attention. In general, the application of 3D printing in the field of dentistry mainly focuses on the design and production of metal teeth and invisible braces. The emergence of 3D printing technology creates more possibilities for those who need to carry out tooth correction to achieve personalized customized braces. In different stages of Orthodontics, orthodontists need different sets of braces. Using 3D printing to make multiple sets of braces for orthodontics will not only help the healthy development of teeth, but also reduce the cost of making braces.

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    4. Orthopedic application

    At present, many medical workers are using 3D printing technology to treat patients with bone damage. Through the establishment of accurate three-dimensional physical model of bone for patients, medical workers can further observe the situation of patients' bone and the specific position of bone damage, and formulate the corresponding treatment plan. With the advantages of 3D printing technology, a series of problems in the treatment of long bone fracture and hip joint damage have been gradually overcome.

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    5. Rehabilitation medical equipment

    In the practical application process, the rehabilitation medical devices such as prostheses and hearing aids have the demand of small batch and customization. Because of the complexity of the design of these rehabilitation medical devices, the traditional CNC machine tools are limited by the processing angle and other factors, which are often difficult to achieve better results. After using 3D printing technology, the manufacturing process of rehabilitation medical devices has been further improved. The cost of making a single customized rehabilitation medical device is reduced, and the manufacturing cycle is further shortened.

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