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    Transport companies use time-and money-saving Roboze 3D printers
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    CNH Industrial is a global leader in capital goods, employing more than 63,000 employees in 66 manufacturing plants and 53 R&D centers in 180 countries. It oversees 12 brands, including Iveco, and is committed to creating safe, efficient and sustainable vehicles. Like many manufacturers, Ivico recently turned to 3D printing, special fixtures and fixtures. About a year ago, the company acquired Roboze One + 400 3D printers.


    Since the launch of One + 400, Roboze has introduced several new models of 3D printers, but this particular model has always been the pride of the company. One + 400, released in 2016, is the first affordable desktop 3D printer capable of printing with high performance industrial polymers such as PEEK and PEI. Since then, other 3D printers with these functions have appeared, but Roboze One + 400 will always be called the first, and its reliability makes it a popular choice even in the increasingly competitive field. Only a few months later, Roboze launched an improved industrial version of its 3D printer, which it upgraded a year after its original release, using higher-performance materials for printing.

    We decided to invest in Roboze One + 400 and other similar solutions, because it allows us to choose a wide range of technical materials that can be used to touch paint or use equipment in extremely high temperature ovens. Eng. Grazia Cappiello, an engineer in equipment and tools at CNH Industries, said: "In addition, Roboze's materials can be in direct contact with beautiful components without releasing any residues and/or wear and tear."


    One year after the acquisition of Roboze 3D printers, CNH Industrial announced that it had substantially reduced costs and accelerated production at Ivico. The printer enables the company to produce components with extremely high precision, adapting them to different shapes, ergonomics and weight requirements. And it is faster and cheaper than traditional production technology. It can now produce these components on demand, reduce the need for inventory space, and produce them more sustainably, because 3D printing generates less waste than other production technologies.

    Roboze and CNH Industrial will provide more details on how 3D printing changes Ivico's manufacturing practices at a Web seminar on January 10, from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. CET. You can learn more about the webinar and how to register here.


    We decided to bring end users closer to the real strengths of Roboze technology, especially tools, which are the foundation of all manufacturing companies in the world. Ilaria Guicciardini, Roboze Marketing Director, said: "Nowadays, using Roboze 3D printing solutions means creating key competitive advantages in the medium and long term. Accelerate the response to the market while making it possible to reduce manufacturing costs substantially. The CNHi incident is a practical example.

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