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    Toy Train and Track Made by MAKER with 3D Printer
    03.10.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    For most people who like car models, train models need to buy tracks from off the shelf suppliers, and carry out many exquisite painting and finishing. But there are also some people who like DIY, making tracks for trains. Some people want to make their own tracks and use 3D printers to realize their ideas.

    This kind of toy train has its own way of doing things as fun. The train is a 3D printer with pressed in ball bearings and metal axles for bogies. Unlike the usual practice, the train is powered on board in the form of lithium polymer batteries, which are connected to a brushless motor and controlled by standard RC car settings.

    Toy Train and Track Made by MAKER with 3D Printer-01

    This 3D printing track and bracket are made by 3D printer. First, print the track and bracket separately, then screw them on the plywood base plate, and then heat glue the plywood to the flat concrete floor of the workshop. The string is used to align all the contents as much as possible. This track has a steep slope, which is helpful for turning. However, in order to avoid the complex modeling of the transition, the straight section will still tilt. This will cause the flat part to derail at a higher speed.

    Although the design is not perfect, the designer has done a lot to show a fast and simple method, which can almost completely use 3D printing components to build model railway. We can't wait to see the improvement of rail and tram, and we hope to see the speed greatly improved in the future test. 3D printers often bring some interesting results to the model train world, such as this vertical suspension device.

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