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    The World's Largest 3D Printed Concrete Walking Bridge was Built in Baoshan, Shanghai
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    On January 12, the world's largest 3-D printed concrete pedestrian bridge was completed in Shanghai Wisdom Bay Kechuang Park. The project is designed and developed by Professor Xu Weiguo, Center for Digital Architecture Research in Zhongnan Place, Tsinghua University (School of Architecture), and is co-constructed with Shanghai Wisdom Bay Investment Management Co., Ltd.


    The pedestrian bridge is 26.3 meters long and 3.6 meters wide. The structure of the bridge borrows the structure of Zhaozhou Bridge in ancient China. The single arch structure is used to bear loads and the spacing between arch feet is 14.4 meters. Before the bridge entered the actual printing construction, the 1:4 scale concrete bridge failure test was carried out, and its strength can meet the load requirements of full pedestrians at the station.


    Reporters at the scene saw that the design of the pedestrian bridge used three-dimensional solid modeling, the bridge fence plate used the shape of ribbon, with the bridge arch to construct a light and elegant body lying on the pond of Shanghai wisdom bay; the bridge deck used the shape of brainy coral, the gap between coral grains filled with fine stones, forming gardening. Road surface. Walking up, it feels a little steep, but very stable. Touching the bridge deck with your hand, you can feel the concave and convex coral pattern.


    According to the introduction, the printing of the whole bridge project uses two machine arm 3D printing system, which can print all concrete components in 450 hours. Compared with the bridge of the same scale, its cost is only two-thirds of the cost of the ordinary bridge. The printing and construction of the main body of the bridge do not use formwork and steel bars, which greatly saves the project. Expenses.

    Professor Xu Weiguo's team independently developed the concrete 3D printing system technology, which has the characteristics of good working stability, fast printing efficiency, high forming accuracy and continuous work. It has unique innovation in three aspects and is ahead of domestic and foreign counterparts: the front-end printing head of the machine arm, with non-plugging and printed material layer. The characteristics of non-collapse in stacking process; printing path generation and operation system, which links various systems, such as shape design, printing path generation, material pumping, front-end movement and machine arm movement, to work together; unique printing material formula, which has reasonable material properties and stable rheological properties。


    The pedestrian bridge body is composed of bridge arch structure, bridge fence board and bridge deck. The bridge body structure is composed of 44 concrete 3D printing units of 0.9*0.9*1.6 meters. The bridge fence board is divided into 68 units for printing. A total of 64 bridge decks are also made by printing. The printing materials of these components are composites composed of polyethylene fiber reinforced concrete with various additives. After many mixing tests and printing experiments, the rheology of these components can be controlled to meet the printing requirements. The compressive strength of the new concrete material reaches 65 MPa and the flexural strength reaches 15 mpa.



    At the same time, the embedded bridge has a real-time monitoring system, including vibration-string stress monitoring and high-precision strain monitoring system, which can collect the data of stress and deformation status of the bridge in real time. It has a practical role in tracking and studying the performance of new concrete materials and structural and mechanical properties of printed components.

    Designers told reporters that with the disappearance of the demographic dividend in China, the demand for labor force in construction projects will be more and more in short supply. Intelligent construction will be an important channel to solve this problem. As an important way of intelligent construction, 3D printing will play an important role in the intelligent development of construction projects. Although there are many bottlenecks to be solved in the construction of 3D concrete printing, and the competition of technology development and practical application in this field is increasingly fierce, many international and domestic research institutions and construction companies have been committed to tackling this technical problem, but they have not really applied this technology to practical projects. The construction of the pedestrian bridge marks a welcome step from research and development to practical engineering application. China's 3D concrete printing construction technology has entered the world's advanced level.


    And the reason why this 3D printing concrete walking bridge is located in Shanghai Wisdom Bay Science Park in Baoshan is closely related to the flourishing development of the 3D printing industry here. At present, Wisdom Bay Science Foundation Park takes the world's first 3D Printing Museum as the window, promotes artistic innovation and industrial design through exhibition and exhibition; at the same time, through industrial gathering, it introduces key enterprises and more outstanding talents from the 3D printing industry and industry to the park, and gradually forms a research collection. The 3-D printing ecosphere integrates development, creativity, investment and promotion.

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