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    The Reason and Solution of Virtual Layer in 3D Printing Model
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    If you can use 3D printer, your various wonders will want to become reality, and a new DIY world is opening up to you. But for some novice friends, when they first use 3D printer, virtual layer will appear in the printing model, which will affect the accuracy and beauty of the model. So, today we will teach you how to solve the problem of virtual layer in the printing model.

    Why does the printed model have a virtual layer

    1. The extrusion spring is free from force and looseness.
    Solution: add gasket or replace spring.

    The reason and solution of virtual layer in 3D printing model-01

    2. If the printed model always has a virtual layer in a small part.

    Solution: turn the model down in slicing software and try again.

    The reason and solution of virtual layer in 3D printing model-02

    3. The printing of other inferior consumables is caused by poor quality and different temperature requirements, because our company's consumables have been tested and printed by special personnel, and we have put forward appropriate reference suggestions for the temperature and printing environment, but if it is consumables of other brands, we have no way to provide relevant reference suggestions.

    4. If the plug or nozzle kit is used for a long time, the oxide in the inner throat of the kit will accumulate, resulting in unsmooth discharge.

    Solution: replace the nozzle kit.

    The above is the relevant solutions we sorted out, hoping to help you quickly.

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