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    The First Home 3D Printer Purchase Strategy
    03.18.2021 | Aiden | News

    With the popularity of 3D printing technology in recent years, 3D printers can print out all kinds of small objects in life, which brings many conveniences to people's life. More and more people understand 3D printing and start to buy their own home 3D printers. So, for a new 3D printer, how to choose their first home 3D printer?

    For ordinary home users, in addition to the operation performance, appearance and price of 3D printer are very important. A good home 3D printer is not only the "incubator" of life creativity, but also an important "catalyst" for family activities. In the face of a wide range of brands and models in the market, Xiaobian selects three of the most worthy Home 3D printers, and interested friends can come to have a look!

    In fact, as long as we grasp the three selection criteria, 3D printers are not difficult to choose. One is to print easily, safely and stably. Second, printing accuracy. Third, the price is economical. Grasp these three points, you can also choose a practical home 3D printer.

    Among all the major 3D printers at present, the most suitable 3D printer for personal home use is the 3D ender-3s, which has won the championship in sales of various platforms. Creative 3D ender-3s is a thousand yuan machine with extremely high cost performance. Ender-3s is exquisite in workmanship, safe and stable, simple in operation, suitable for home use, and its printing accuracy is incomparable with other 3D printers. Can print all kinds of household goods, such as baskets, lamps, storage boxes, etc.


    If you have children at home, children's cr-100 3D printer is also a good choice. In order to make it easier for the family and children to operate the 3D printer, we want to remove the dross from the three dimensions, extract the essence, and transform the tedious operation into one key printing function. Compared with other 3D printers of the same type, cr-100 tends to develop children's creative thinking, with some basic printing models built in, such as trucks, gear components, cartoon characters and animals, etc.

    If you have anime enthusiasts at home, ld-002r is absolutely your best choice. Ld-002r is aimed at the market of UV curing consumer 3D printer. Its body size is 221x21x403mm, its maximum construction size is 120x65x165mm, and its appearance design is exquisite. Compared with the large fdm3d printer, it looks much smaller and doesn't need to occupy a lot of space. It's also a very pleasant thing to put the high beauty ld-002r at home. In addition to printing all kinds of animation models, the ld-002r UV curing 3D printer has the characteristics of high precision, which makes the small details designed by the participants perfectly present, and is more suitable for printing creative and textured household small objects.


    After reading the above introduction, do you have a preliminary understanding of the purchase of the first home 3D printer? If you have other questions, you can contact creative 3D online customer service!

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