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    The Advantages & Process of 3D printing
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    The Advantages & Process of 3D printing

    I believe that in real life, there are still many players who like to collect by hand. However, due to the high price of direct purchase and the fear of bumping during transportation, they have not realized the idea of collecting. If you have a 3D printer, you can do 3D printing by yourself, then these will no longer be a problem.

    3D printer, only a few hours to get a very high-quality hand-made model, can be used for small batch production and personalized customization, and the comprehensive cost is lower. Stereolithography 3D printer is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes for hand-made models. Due to the characteristics of resin materials, it is suitable for displaying very detailed details and role structures. The hand-made model produced by stereolithography 3D printing is a semi-finished white model, which needs to be polished, assembled and colored.

    The Advantages & Process of 3D printing

    What are the advantages of 3D printing manual model

    1. 3D printing hand-made model can realize personalized customization, and print your favorite game characters, game props and animation characters with unique characteristics.

    2. Very textured. What we buy on the market is mass production. We can make one-piece fashionable, limited edition hand-made model by using 3D printer, which is more advanced.

    3. 3D printing is used to make hand-made model, which is fast and efficient, and has high precision and good texture.

    4. The comprehensive cost is lower. Compared with mold opening and pure manual production, 3D printing is not only efficient, but also cheaper.

    3D printing manual model process

    1. 3D modeling: firstly, 3D modeling is done by 3D modeler, and the modeling software is rhinoceros or 3DMAX. In addition to 3D modeling, a reverse 3D scanning method can also be applied to obtain 3D data. The prerequisite for applying 3D scanning is to have a physical prototype of a hand-made model. On the basis of this hand-made model prototype, a 3D point cloud data can be scanned out with a 3D scanner, which can be used for 3D printing.

    2. 3D printing: according to the above process, after the 3D data is completed, the data processing before 3D printing is carried out by poledevs to repair the broken surface of 3D data, the best printing angle is placed, and the support is added, and then the format file used for 3D printer is exported by slicing, then the 3D printing equipment can be input to do well in production, and the white model of hand-made model can be obtained.

    3. Coloring: after 3D printing obtains the white mold, it is followed by polishing and coloring, painting and drying, and then assembling. A 3D printing animation is finished by hand.

    Of course, 3D printing animation manual maximum does not exceed the 3D printer itinerary, also can directly print the whole, so as to avoid the assembly link. Large hand-made models can be disassembled, printed and assembled.

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