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    Talk About 3D Printing Let You Know "It"
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Although the research and development of 3D printing technology in China started 15 years later than that in the United States, after several years of development, 3D printers have made great progress. In the field of construction, houses can be made by 3D printing. It is widely used in medical treatment and manufacturing.

    In 2009, Shaanxi museum used 3D printing technology to conduct a series of steps such as 3D scanning, data collection, oil painting model printing and so on. Without contact with cultural relics, Shaanxi Museum imitated and produced a national treasure cultural relic, the deer shaped golden monster. It is of great significance to the restoration, identification and preservation of cultural relics.

    In 2014, the 10 3D printing relocation project offices in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Qingpu park were officially put into use. The buildings are layered with large 3D printers and took only 24 hours to build.

    In 2015, the children's Hospital of Fudan University used 3D printing technology for the first time to restore the fusion of spine and skin of conjoined buttocks of children, and successfully completed the separation operation of conjoined female infants in Jiangxi Province.

    In 2020, in order to contain the outbreak and isolate new coronavirus patients, countries around the world also used 3D printing technology in the construction of shelters. From receiving the task to the room design, printing and installation only took 11 days, which greatly saved the construction time and created favorable conditions for the prevention and control of the disease.

    In 2020, the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Southern Medical University carried out artificial joint replacement surgery, which reduced the pain of patients for more than 20 years. The "personalized" treatment plan of computer-aided surgery using 3D printing is to use CT images, computer 3D reconstruction, and other design simulation technologies. These technologies can be observed from multiple perspectives before surgery, and can handle difficult and complex operations to the maximum extent. The ability to reduce the risk of surgery.

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    3D printing is not far away from us. In the process of its development, it also affects our lives in subtle ways. By then, every family should be equipped with 3D printers, which can enjoy the convenience brought by high technology.

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