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    Take you Into the Science Fiction Drama "Space 1999", 3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing Real Rec
    02.28.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    James Aldrich, who lives in the UK, is a 3D printing enthusiast. He has been playing with 3D printers for a year and a half. When he first came into contact with 3D printing, he only focused on single model printing. With a lot of practice later, his tacit understanding and control of large-scale models between him and 3D printer made him feel infinite fun.

    The hawk transporter in the classic science fiction film "Space 1999" is his latest print. Earlier this year, James Aldrich encountered this excellent set of 3D printing files on thingevere. The model was produced using the creativity cr-10s 3D printer and took four months to complete.

    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-01

    James Aldrich 3D printing Eagle transporter in Space 1999

    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-02

    Science fiction drama Space 1999

    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-03

    Creality CR-10S3D Printer Printing Process

    Usually, the large model needs to be divided into several single models, printed separately, and then assembled later. In March, when he started printing, James Aldrich planned to record the time spent printing various accessories, but soon he gave up. Because there are so many pieces of time for printing, according to him, the total printing time is at least 100 hours.

    The printing quality and tolerance control of this machine is very good, and because he has formed a perfect tacit understanding with this machine, James Aldrich is very satisfied with the printing effect.

    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-05

    CREALITY CR-10S 3D Printer Printing Process

    After printing, James Aldrich began to consider painting and color schemes. Finally, he decided not to use the original color of the movie and TV series. Inspired by the color matching of "space force space cruiser", he used Eagle painting scheme as the color matching basis of the eagle transport model.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-06
    A Primitive Palitoy Cosmic Cruiser Action Force Toy
    British summers are long and comfortable, and James Aldrich has even moved the controls outdoors. In order to achieve the planning effect, he bought a new miniature compressor and used spray cans to evenly paint primers on the model, and the next model could use the spray gun.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-07
    Outdoor painting setting
    Both the main body and the cockpit are coated with a gray coating that gradually lightens.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-08
    Paint the aircraft with four blue "legs" in the same way.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-09
    Finally, he used base gun metal and silver highlights to spray gun the engine. All paints are from Vallejo game air or model air series.

    In the process of drawing the frame, because there are too many uncertainties, James Aldrich changed to the traditional method of writing. If the original coloring method is still used, it may be difficult to cover up the spray gun model.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-10
    In the post-processing, James Aldrich improved the details of the model, removing some decals and adding some details (including some small re fitting action force logo toy car stickers). But so far, he has not found a suitable space force logo.

    At the final stage of model making, he used the mixture of Plastic Soldier Company and Modelmates weathering spray cans, plus the dark brown coating sponge dandruff technology, which made the engine look good.

    All in all, James Aldrich is very happy with the print and hopes to use it in 7tv games in the future.

    Finally, let's show it in a complete picture. The space force hawk transporter is preparing for the mission of the operational force personnel. All the characters are from gripping beast.
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-11
    3D Printing Hawk Transporter Printing-12