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    Sparks from 3D printers and jewelry design
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Women love beauty for no reason. It's nature. Women like to wear beautiful, fashionable, stylish clothes, like to wear luxury brand jewelry, but also like to wear different. Like to do a fashionable hairstyle, like to use high-end cosmetics beauty. Therefore, in the pursuit of beauty, no woman does not love jewelry. Nowadays, with the improvement of technology, 3D printer has joined the jewelry processing industry. Because of the fast, convenient and high precision of 3D printer, it has unlimited potential in jewelry processing.


    Traditional souvenir design can no longer meet people's needs, and similar design types can no longer stimulate people's interest. Demand can't satisfy modern people's pursuit of jewelry, so the supply will change. 3D printing not only can quickly realize strange ideas, but also can create processes that traditional manual can't complete. The highly designed and innovative products produced give designers new vitality.


    The jewelry industry has been using 3D printing technology for decades. The traditional production methods of jewelry are wax carving, inversion, die-holding, inlay and electroplating. The use of 3D printing has gradually replaced the traditional carving wax. Compared with manual carving wax, 3D printing has faster speed, higher accuracy, lower work cost and higher adjustability.

    3D printing has its own distinct advantages in jewelry design and souvenir design. The application of 3D printing in jewelry design can realize the complexity and diversity of structure by integrating technology and art. In today's society, the demand for jewelry by high consumers tends to be individualized and artistic.


    In today's society, consumers'demand for jewelry tends to be more individualized and artistic. 3D printing caters to this. It draws with computer software and then prints out wax boards. It has broad design, more complexity and diversification.

    Three-dimensional: Compared with ordinary jewelry prime ministers, 3D printing jewelry is more full-dimensional and more sparkling. For College souvenirs, three-dimensional can more prominently show the campus culture, can make the meaning that want to express more full and rich.


    Customizable: 3D printing jewelry first through digital 3D modeling, and then printing, which is easier to integrate into the buyer's ideas, everyone can be their own designer. Buyers can also predict jewelry shape in advance through 3D modeling, which can greatly improve consumer satisfaction with finished products, and everyone can be their own designer.


    The application of 3D printing in jewelry makes technology and Art Merge together. It not only lowers the threshold of jewelry design and allows more people to participate in it, but also improves the freedom of the designer, enables the designer to give full play to his creativity and brings infinite possibilities to the design. But its development is far from enough.

    DLP light-cured 3D printer is a better tool for printing wax pattern at present. It can project the image layer after digital processing, solidify the product layer by layer, and finally print the product. It can create a precise model of complex geometry shape. However, unlike DLP, SLA can print wax molds at a much slower speed than DLP. SLA can print wax molds of large size, while DLP size is limited, but because of its high speed and precision, SLA is especially suitable for jewelry wax molds. Make.

    The development of 3D printing technology has brought new possibilities to jewelry and other industries, not only for manufacturing itself. 3D printing has also lowered entry barriers for many industries. Even personal designers can now start their production by buying 3D printing equipment or services.

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