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    School season | I want to go back to school after watching so many good-looking and fun 3D printers
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News
    This year's opening season is different from previous years. After a long "holiday", the time for most students to return to school was finally determined, and the teaching work was also in an orderly recovery. The Creality3d printers introduced today cover all stages from primary school to university education, with different emphasis on product functions. You can choose according to the specific scenarios you use.
    CR-3040S Large Size Printer
    CR-3040S printing size is 300 × 300 × 400mm, which is a veritable large-scale 3D printer. Because the size is relatively large, the appearance is atmospheric, and the sense of grade is full. The machine is designed with totally closed outer box, which is safer and more environmentally friendly, so it is more suitable for the environment like school. In addition to the very practical large size, CR-3040S 3D printer also has a number of innovative technical support in the printing accuracy: z-axis double screw rod, the platform is more stable in the printing process, and the printing accuracy is higher; imported bearings, high-precision guide rail, low motion track noise, and higher printing accuracy. Short range feeding, effectively solve the problem of drawing, make the printing effect more outstanding.

    In terms of printing time, this machine adopts industrial circuit board, which can work for 200 hours without pressure. 6. July will be the graduation season of the new season, such as art, clothing and other majors. Senior students are facing the pressure of graduation design, so it is most appropriate to use this machine to print large-scale graduation model. The whole model was printed overnight, greatly improving the printing success rate.

    In addition to the technology upgrading, this product also has outstanding display in the humanized design. CR-3040S is equipped with built-in toolbox, and the printing tool can be directly placed in the toolbox, which is convenient to take out at any time. The function of break detection and power-off continuous printing ensures the machine to continue printing after material shortage and power-off, and improves the success rate of model printing while enjoying the convenience.
    CR-5 Pro High Precision Printer
    CR-5 Pro's printing size is 300 * 225 * 380mm, which can meet all your imagination of integrated molding. This is the new model of 3D spring in 2020. This time, the R & D personnel subverted the tradition and adopted a new appearance design. The whole machine has ivory white appearance, three transparent blue doors, elegant appearance.
    In terms of structure, the sheet metal integrated forming process is adopted, which belongs to the fuselage, greatly improving the stability of printing. ATmega2560 main control chip ensures high-speed printing and improves printing accuracy. Super high printing accuracy can help students to see a more Creality 3d printer models, and quickly help students to construct Creality 3d space imagination thinking. The upgrade of high-performance nozzle structure and built-in high-power fan make the whole machine have better heat dissipation effect. In addition, with 24V / 350W high-quality and more mature technology Mingwei power supply, the printing process is more secure and guaranteed.
    In addition, we have replaced the platform with the carbon crystal silicon glass with better printing effect. The flatness is kept at 0.1mm, making the bottom of the printing model flat and beautiful.
    These machines, in their respective fields in addition to the function of the hard power, in the face value are also second to none. Such a good-looking and fun 3D printer can't wait to go back to school after reading it. If you are interested in the product, you can go to Creality 3D official direct global online store for consultation.
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