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    Principle and Technology of 3D printer
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Today, Creality3d will introduce the principle of 3D printer to you

    3D means three-dimensional, which means that what is printed out is a three-dimensional object, which is different from the traditional printing that only prints text and image. 3D printer technology is a kind of manufacturing technology, which can easily turn the composition of computer into reality.

    3D printing needs a physical model, that is, virtual modeling, which is completed by slicing through professional software, printing layer by layer with printers, and printing layer by layer.

    3D printer has the advantages of cost saving, die-free production, time saving and raw materials. In addition, 3D printer has special advantages in product development. Before the product is produced, the traditional process needs to make a model first, and then go to open-die casting. The time cycle is long, and 3D technology is completed from design modeling to printing, even in one day. 3D printer technology can break through Inheriting the bottleneck of manufacturing process, it has special advantages for some complex structures or difficult to process high melting point and other parts manufacturing. It can do complex three-dimensional, porous, lattice structure, and multiple parts manufacturing in one.

    Now let's talk about the principle of creating 3D printer

    Light curing molding

    LCD (selective area light transmission): ultraviolet light irradiates the liquid photosensitive resin through the light transmission part of the LCD screen, which makes the resin irradiated by ultraviolet light produce a curing reaction and become a solid state. The opaque part of the LCD screen blocks the ultraviolet light. The liquid photosensitive resin of the blocked part is not irradiated by ultraviolet light, and still remains liquid.

    LCD is modeled by selective area light transmission.

    DLP (digital light processing): similar to LCD, the image signal is processed digitally, and then the light is projected out. The high-resolution DLP projector is used to project the image onto the glass panel to solidify the liquid photosensitive resin. Light curing shall be carried out layer by layer.


    FDM by melt stacking

    Hot melt nozzle is used to extrude the semi flowing material according to the path controlled by the data and deposit it in the designated position for condensation forming, and then the whole prototype parts are formed after gradual accumulation and condensation. FDM is mainly made of wire rod, which requires low melting temperature, low viscosity and small shrinkage, including PLA plastic, ABS plastic, nylon, TPU plastic, etc.

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    These are the principles of 3D printers Creality3d introduced to us today.