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    Precautions When Purchasing 3D Printers
    03.08.2021 | Aiden W | News

    The application of 3D printers has been very extensive. Among the 3D printers on sale in the market, there are many brands, various models and different prices. It's really dazzling. It's better to start with. Therefore, Xiaobian sorted out some elements to pay attention to when buying 3D printers, hoping to help you.


    It's very important to choose the right brand! Chuangxiang 3D is the first echelon enterprise of 3D printer brand in the world. It is a well-known brand of international 3D printer, with an annual output of more than 500000 sets, ranking No.1 in China in terms of annual shipment, and has a high praise in the field of global 3D printer.

    product quality

    As a high-tech product, 3D printer involves material, machinery, electronics, software and other fields. The quality of the product determines the service life. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider the materials used for 3D printers, such as screw rods, platforms, circuit boards, nozzles, etc., so that good quality 3D printers can win the trust of consumers. Chuangxiang 3D has always been taking the user first as its tenet, producing better 3D printers and providing high-quality 3D printers for individuals, families, schools and enterprises.

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    Slicing software

    The quality of slicing software affects the quality of printing. Many 3D printer manufacturers have developed their own 3D printer slicing software on the basis of open source slicing software. Consumers should check whether the slicing software is easy to operate and whether the slicing process can see the model slicing process on the computer in real time, so as to set the slicing parameters conveniently.

    after-sale service

    When you buy the machine, you should ask the manufacturer whether to provide warranty service. If you don't provide on-site service, how to solve the problems related to the failure in the use of the product should be discussed with the manufacturer clearly to ensure that there is no accident in the use. Chuangxiang 3D will continue to improve its service system and strive to do the best in all aspects of service. It has initially established a service team of nearly 100 people and formed a technical service system of linkage at home and abroad. In the future, we will also let users enjoy the service anytime and anywhere.

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    Especially for novice 3D printer users, the difficulty of machine operation is often related to the user's impression of 3D printer. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the LCD panel is easy to be replaced, whether it is easy to switch off the power supply, whether the LCD panel is easy to switch off, whether there is a quick switch off function, etc. Chuangxiang 3D has always been customer-oriented and thinks what customers think. When researching and designing 3D printers, it pays attention to the user experience and provides customers with convenient 3D printers.

    Printing accuracy

    The ultimate purpose of purchasing a 3D printer is to print a 3D model. However, if the accuracy of the printed model is far from that of the design, then the model is unqualified. When choosing a 3D printer, you must see whether the printing accuracy can meet your own needs.

    The above is a small arrangement of the purchase of 3D printers when the relevant key points, I hope to help you. If you want to know the specific model or have other questions, please contact our customer service online.

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