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    Original Intention of Creality Cloud WiFi Box: Open Sharing and Interconnection of All Things
    02.28.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    As we all know, there are almost no WiFi receivers made by third-party software companies or developed by home appliance manufacturers. Because their products usually come with WiFi modules.

    However, in the 3D printer industry with high-tech halo, there are not many 3D printers with WiFi module. This seems to be a rather strange fact, but people have to accept it. In this case, if an intelligent remote 3D printing app wants to build an open ecosystem and connect all 3D printers, it has to build its own WiFi module.

    In order to serve more 3D printer players and provide Internet services for the majority of 3D printing industry chain related personnel, designers, 3D printer holders and factories can benefit from it. Creality cloud has chosen a completely open strategy, and any 3D printer should be able to access it. It is because of this strategic choice that creative cloud has developed its own WiFi box.

    In the field of WiFi chips, there are not many manufacturers in the world that can provide them. Creality cloud has chosen the solution of MediaTek, which has integrated software and hardware, good stability and strong performance. Creality cloud WiFi box has a network port, two USB ports and a TF card slot. The network port is used to connect the network cable (in fact, it can also be used without connecting the network cable). The two USB ports are used to connect the printer. After the TF card is inserted into the TF card slot, it is used to store the gcode file. This means that the creative cloud WiFi box can be connected to two printers at the same time, or can be connected to a printer + a camera (to monitor the printing status).

    Creality WiFi box is not only a tool, but also a beautiful desktop furnishing. It has exquisite appearance design and surface treatment effect. With your printer together, is a beautiful landscape.

    Original Intention of Creality Cloud WiFi Box: Open Sharing and Interconnection of All Things-01

    Creality cloud WiFi box adopts black matte shell, with eight symmetrical cooling holes on the front, signal light in the middle and power and data interface on the back. The structure looks like a wireless router, but it's much smaller and more sophisticated.

    Original Intention of Creality Cloud WiFi Box: Open Sharing and Interconnection of All Things-02

    After connecting the power supply and connecting the printer with the data cable to the WiFi box, you can open the creative cloud on the mobile phone for distribution network. After the distribution network is completed, the app is bound to the printer. As long as the printer is online, the phone can remote control the printer. In order to stabilize the signal, it is better to connect WiFi box and wireless router with network cable, which can avoid the stability problem of wireless transmission.

    With such powerful performance and design sense, Creality cloud WiFi box will become a standard accessory for consumer grade 3D printers in the future, just like the mobile phone case to the mobile phone and the flash to the SLR.

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