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    News List several factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printer
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    List several factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printer

    The most important thing about a 3D printer is accuracy. The accuracy is good, and the printed model is smooth and detailed. But the accuracy will also be affected, once affected, the printed model may not be perfect. Today, we will talk about the factors that will affect the accuracy of 3D printers.

    List several factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printer

    1、 Integral fuselage

    3D printer in the printing process will be accompanied by the movement of the print head, which will cause vibration. The stable fuselage will make the 3D printer as stable as Mount Taishan. The fuselage will provide stable support for printing structure, reduce resonance and print more smoothly.

    2、 Motor

    A good motor can make the printing details more accurate, reduce the vibration ripple reasonably, and make the surface layer of the model more smooth and meticulous.

    3、 Platform construction

    At present, the popular platform structure on the market is three support structure (two slide rails, one screw rod), which is located behind the printing platform, so as to support the platform and ensure the up and down movement of the platform. However, when the print head is working at the front end of the platform, it may cause slight shaking of the platform, resulting in printing fault or interference between the print head and the model under the print head.

    Therefore, the platform of 3 + 2 structure is born according to the situation. Two slide rails and one screw rod are placed behind the platform, and two screws are in front of the platform. Not only is the operation of the printing head more stable, but also the leveling is more accurate.

    4、 Feeding system

    The basic 3D printer's task is to use the motor to send the printing material to the print head for printing. The motor's work task is divided into two parts: one is to "pull" the material of the feeding shaft; the other is to "push" the material into the feeder. In the material pulling process, the printing head may be displaced due to the excessive resistance of the material pulling.

    In order to deal with this problem, double motor feeding came into being. Some manufacturers also called "push-pull feeding". First, one motor is responsible for pulling up the material and successfully feeding it to the second motor. The second motor is specially designed to provide material source for the feeder, so as to avoid the displacement of printing head caused by feeding resistance.

    5、 Screw rod, slide rail

    3D printing is layer by layer printing, and the printing is millimeter scale, so it can not tolerate any error. When printing the same layer model, the print head needs to use the movement of different directions of the slide rail, and the platform also needs to use the slide rail and screw rod to move down when printing the same layer. Therefore, high quality slide and screw can make the platform and print head move more accurately, and move more smoothly, so as to reduce the possible error.

    The above are some factors that may affect the accuracy of 3D printer itself. Besides the equipment itself, model printing is also affected by many factors, such as physical environment, consumables quality, modeling quality, slicing, etc.

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