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    Neutrogena launched its first 3D print mask to create personal skin exclusive
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    When science and technology combine with life, people can really enjoy the benefits of science and technology. Johnson's highly effective skin care brand Neutrogena displays a 3D print mask on 2019 CES. This 3D printing mask can be customized according to the precise facial shape and size of each user, and will be made up of customized ingredients to meet users' needs and solve specific skin problems.


     In the Neutrogena exhibition area of Johnson's skin care brand, Neutrogena's colorful 3D printing mask attracts many female audiences. Michael Southall, director of global beauty instrument research and development of Johnson & Johnson, told First Financial Journalist that this is a customized innovative technology product launched by Johnson & Johnson's brand. Southall said the 3D print mask will be available in the North American market by the end of this year and will be launched in China next March.creality-3d-printer-02The mask is divided into six areas: forehead, eye area, cheek, nose, nasolabial groove and chin. Consumers can download a App by mobile phone, and then use the camera of the cell phone to model the face, then automatically generate the mask that fits their own face through the software algorithm, and can also choose different mask ingredients in different facial regions. After users submit their requirements and take photos, they will use color coding to show which components will be placed in which area. Using miniature 3D printing, Neutrogena  can accurately determine the position and area of the user's eyes, nose, mouth and forehead, and place different skin care components in different areas.creality-3d-printer-03Neutrogena 's team carefully selected five different skin care ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, nicotinamide, chamomile and N-acetylglucosamine. In the future, they will add more skin care ingredients.

    As a necessary way of production for customized products, 3D printing equipment will produce small quantities of different facial mask and send it to the user. The whole process is completely digital, and consumers don't even have to go out.creality-3d-printer-04
    Facial mixed skin is actually the largest among the beautiful women. This mask can completely fit the face shape, and can also choose whitening or replenishing water according to the different regions. I the author think it is quite good, but the price should not be too high end.

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