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    Michelin United General Motors Development of New Type 3D Printing Sustainable Tires
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Recently, Michelin worked with General Motors to launch a prototype tire. The new tire prototype is printed by a 3D printer. The durable life of these printed tires will be longer and less material will be used. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative, which effectively solves the inconvenience and danger caused by tire leakage. According to two leaders in the automotive and tire industries, the technology could bring safety to millions of consumers in the future.


    Floret Menegaux, chief executive of Michelin Group, said: "Normal operation proves that Michelin's vision of sustainable mobility in the future is clearly an achievable dream."

    Manufacturers are currently testing new tires in a fleet of Chevrolet Bolted Electric Vehicles in Michigan and are expected to make them available to the public in 2024. Detroit, as a car center, will be able to collect some of the questions residents may consider when testing on roads during the harsh season and weather in Michigan.


    Steve Kiefer, senior vice president of GM's global procurement and supply chain, said in a statement: "GM is pleased with the possibility of normal operation, and we are happy to work with Michelin on this breakthrough technology. Normal operation is the ideal choice to promote the future of the automotive industry, and it is also a good example of how customers benefit when we cooperate with suppliers and innovate.

    The unique anti-puncture tire system (uptis) was announced at the Michelin Moven Summit in Montreal on June 4. The three-dimensional printing prototype provides all the benefits for passenger cars, while the overall impact on the tire industry and the cost savings in many different types of transportation applications are astonishing; for example, in designing his truck, the transportation company can fundamentally save exponential capital and greatly reduce the processing of expressways. Problem and duration of maintenance.


    GM intends to work with Michelin to develop this air-free wheel assembly, and plans to introduce it into passenger cars as early as 2024.

    3D printing has broken the incredible barriers in manufacturing because we are used to doing things the same way, and new rubber technology and GM's latest development in airless tires may reduce car damage.

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