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    Los Angeles Children's 3D Printer Company provides customized glasses for children-Crreality 3D Prin
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    In the eyeglasses industry, it is an undeniable trend to make personalized eyeglasses with 3D printing. The Fitz Frames Children's Glasses Company in Los Angeles was founded by Heidi Hertel and Gabriel Schlumberger. Both founders believed that children needed to be completely transformed, so they chose to print glasses in 3D.


    So why did the two founders create children's glasses?

    It is well known that children are too active, they walk around all day, and most children will inadvertently damage or forget things, such as their glasses are easy to break, it is easy to miss them somewhere or anywhere on the playground. Gabriel, founder of Fitz Frames, had a previous experience with broken glasses: his son walked for weeks with broken glasses, and his children were afraid to tell their parents about broken glasses, so they glued them together.

    Glasses can be a burden, especially for parents. It's annoying to know that they have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses that can be easily broken at any time. Heidi feels that parents are often busy going to the optician or letting their children sit still while trying different frames. They integrated the creation of Fitz Frames into the perfect solution for parents and children.

    Unlike many children's eyeglasses brands, Fitz Frames offers children a pair of glasses suitable for their unique faces, not just two sizes. And even better, they don't have to leave home to try frameworks. All of this can be done easily through an application.


    The customized 3D printing frames in Fitz Frames are unique. Children can not only choose their favorite colors, but also carve their names in the frames through 3D printing, so it goes without saying that they are their exclusive glasses.


    Fitz Frames has seven workers at its Los Angeles headquarters. Fitz Frames has opened a new factory in YBI Tech Block Building 5. The 3D printing frame is made by laser powder bed fusion (sintering, SLS, selective laser sintering). From their appearance, the glass seems to be treated and dyed by DyeMansion.


    "We see that many of the new technologies being developed are either related to the development of new equipment or materials or to products produced in small batches, such as aerospace or racing cars. This is the next step in the development of 3D printing market and another important milestone in the industry.

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