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    List Several Advantages of 3D Printers
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printer technology has become the current trend, and is widely used in various fields of production and life. Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, the advantages of 3D printing technology are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    1. Low cost manufacturing of various complex product parts

    Compared with traditional manufacturing, the more complicated the style of product parts, the higher the manufacturing cost. However, for 3D printing, there is no significant increase in the cost of making objects with more complex shapes, and it does not take more time and cost to produce gorgeous and complex shapes than to print simple squares. Manufacturing complex projects without increasing costs will break the traditional pricing model and change the way we calculate manufacturing costs. For example, many 3D printing service providers calculate 3D printing costs and market quotations based on the weight of printed items.

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    2. Easy manufacturing of personalized product parts

    Traditional manufacturing methods used to manufacture different parts usually need division of labor and cooperation of different equipment, and the same 3D printer can print many different shapes of parts, and can make different shapes of items like craftsmen at a time. Traditional manufacturing equipment has less function and limited shape. 3D printers only need different digital blueprints and a batch of new raw materials to make different parts.

    3. Manufacturing non assembly product parts

    3D printing enables parts to be integrated. Traditional mass production is based on assembly line. In modern factories, machines produce the same parts, which are then assembled by robots or workers. The more components of a product, the more time and cost it takes to assemble. The 3D printer can print the door and its supporting hinge simultaneously without layering. Omitting assembly shortens the supply chain and saves labor and transportation costs.

    4. Manufacturing mode of zero inventory products

    3D printers can print quickly on demand. Even if on-demand production can reduce the company's physical inventory, it can also greatly reduce the company's production costs and reduce the company's capital risk. Enterprises can use 3D printers to produce special products or customized products according to customer orders, so a new business model will become possible. If people produce what they need according to their own needs, zero time delivery trial production can minimize the cost of long-distance transportation.

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