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    Joint Venture seeks opportunities for the application of 3D printing technology to F-35 (JSF) projec
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    The Paris Air Show ended a week ago, followed by news of events from the 3D printer company and more announcements of investment cooperation. Recently, two companies, Advanced Aviation Technologies and Lockheed Martin, signed an agreement at the Air Show to start collaborating on 3D printing manufacturing.


    "We are very happy to work with Lockheed Martin. This cooperation is the first step for our company to enter the important defense market in the United States, "said Thomas Em, CEO of Advanced Aviation Technology. "Of course, this is an excellent opportunity to show the combination of advanced 3D printing products from Advanced Aviation Technologies and state-of-the-art combat aircraft technology."

    German Aviation Technologies Advanced Aviation Technologies hired about 10,000 employees last summer and acquired a metal 3D printing plant, which mainly deals with the design and construction of carbon fiber composites and metal material aircraft structures. However, the global company is actually a subsidiary of Airbus, the world's first manufacturer of 3D printing components made of titanium alloy for mass production of aircraft, which helps reduce the cost of parent companies and material use.


    Now, Advanced Aviation Technologies will work with Lockheed Martin, a Maryland-based aerospace and safety company, who is also a major adopter of the aerospace industry's three-dimensional printing technology to seek opportunities to apply its three-dimensional printing technology to the F-35 Lightning II project of the Ministry of Defense. Also known as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

    "We see tremendous opportunities for the 3D printing industry to further reduce costs, improve quality and speed throughout the F-35 industry. In addition to the production of the F-35, it also includes the manufacture of the world's most advanced jet fighters, and in cooperation with companies such as Advanced Aviation Technologies, we will continue to integrate additional automation and additional manufacturing technologies to ensure that we always achieve our cost, quality and efficiency goals, "said Lockheed Martin, vice president and F-35. General Manager Greg Ulmer said.


    F-35 Joint Attack Fighter (JSF) Project

    The F-35 has advanced sensors, stealth technology, superior range, supersonic speed and weapon capabilities, all of which make it the world's deadliest, most viable and most relevant aircraft.

    Advanced Aviation Technologies and Lockheed Martin will work together to find candidate parts in the F-35 that may be manufactured using 3D printing technology rather than subtraction. With the aircraft approaching full-speed production, the goal of this cooperation is to continue to reduce costs and improve efficiency in order to maintain F-35 fleet operation.

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