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    It's also a 3D printer. Others use it to make masks. Lamborghini uses it to make respirators: 18 per
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    With the spread of the epidemic, medical supplies such as masks and respirators are in short supply, and some auto enterprises have transferred to production of short supplies, including Lamborghini, a famous sports car manufacturer. Recently, Lamborghini officially announced that the company is coordinating R & D resources and 3D printer equipment to assist Italy's largest ventilator manufacturer in the design and production of ventilator simulators.

    It's also a 3D printer. Others use it to make masks. Lamborghini uses it to make respirators: 18 per week

    This kind of simulator can help the R & D tester to evaluate the performance of the ventilator preliminarily, so as to complete the final comprehensive test. After two weeks of debugging, the capacity of Lamborghini ventilator simulator reaches 18 sets per week.

    Lamborghini said that the whole process of its 3D printing laboratory was involved in the design, production and verification of the ventilator simulator. Lamborghini uses a light curing 3D printer capable of printing with a precision level of 0.08mm.

    It is worth mentioning that before that, Lamborghini was transforming the super run production line to produce medical surgical masks and protective masks.

    Among them, the production task of masks is mainly undertaken by Lamborghini's employees in charge of interior decoration production, with a daily volume of up to 1000; while 3D printers in carbon fiber production workshops and R & D departments are used to produce protective masks, with a daily output of 200 sets.

    In addition to Lamborghini, general motors, Ford, Tesla and other vehicle enterprises have obtained ventilator production license, and all major vehicle enterprises are giving full play to their strengths to help fight the epidemic.

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