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    How to use 3D printer
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Many friends bought 3D printers, but they didn't know how to start. In fact, 3D printers are far less complicated. So, let's briefly talk about how to use 3D printer today?

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    Step 1: create the model

    If you want to play with 3D printing, the most important and necessary part is modeling! Now there are many software that can draw 3D graphics, the key is to see whether it can generate. STL format files, such as AutoCAD, 3dsmax, SolidWorks and other commonly used 3D graphics software can be output or converted to STL format.

    Step 2: add model

    Slicing software is a kind of 3D software, which can convert the digital 3D model into the print code recognized by the 3D printer, so that the 3D printer can start to execute the print command. The 3D printer usually comes with slicing software. On the main menu page, there is usually the option of "add model". After clicking, the model we created or downloaded will automatically appear in our 3D printing space.

    Step 3: select slicing

    The correct setting of 3D printing slice software will effectively improve the success rate of 3D printer printing model. In the main menu, there is the option of "slicing by layers". This function is mainly to help us decompose the printing process of the printer. Users can preview and observe the whole printing process in advance in the software. After clicking, you can see some changes in the model.

    Step 4: drag the layered preview scroll bar

    Drag the layered preview scroll bar, the software can display the image of each layer according to the parameter value. We know the principle of FDM printing technology, which is to realize the molding of the whole model by stacking materials one by one. Through preview, you can directly observe how the model is generated layer by layer.

    Step 5: add support

    Some important parts of the model need to add some supports. Like the Elk's horn. At this time, we can add a support at the appropriate part of the model, so that when printing, the printer will print this part of the support, and later we can remove the support by some methods. Some supports are made of water-soluble materials, which can be removed well in later stage.

    Slicing software generally supports adding support manually and automatically. Automatically add support, the system will automatically judge to add support in some parts according to the model you want to print.

    Step 6: connect the printer

    Select connect printer to connect the computer to the printer. Some printers support offline printing, such as 3D printers that create 3D images. Just send the model file to the SD card in advance, and then insert the SD card into the card slot of the printer. After the printer reads the file correctly, it can print.

    Step 7: start printing

    Before printing, it is necessary to check the model information again to ensure that all parameters of the model are correct. Click the main menu to select the model information. The second is to ensure that the model does not exceed the printing range of the model itself. Finally, we need to set the temperature of the print head and the printing platform.

    Step 8: model post-processing

    After the model is printed, if it is not integrated, we need to polish and assemble the model to form a finished product.

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