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    How to Take Good Care of 3D Printer
    03.04.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    I believe that many 3D printer users will have a distressing problem. How can there be so many small problems when the printer is used well before? Most of them are because you don't take good care of it. In fact, some problems can be avoided. Let's talk about how to maintain your beloved 3D printer!

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    Cleaning of extruder and frame

    After using the equipment, the user exposed the 3D printer to dust for a long time, resulting in the dust and XYZ axis lubricating oil mixed together. When there is a printing task, the dust can not be cleaned before printing, resulting in oil and dust mixed together. After several hours, you can find that the clear lubricating oil appears black and black. In this situation, we need to use a new dust-free cloth to wipe the three axes of the equipment. Let all the oil dirt be wiped clean, and then replace with new lubricating oil.

    After 3D printer has been used for a while, the extrusion wheel of the extruder will have strong friction with the printing material. Every time the extrusion wheel rotates, more or less there will be some chip formation. In this situation, you need to heat the nozzle of the equipment and select load to load the material. At this time, the extrusion wheel runs, and uses a small brush to continuously clean the scraps from the extrusion wheel until the extrusion wheel is clean That's fine. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the gear of the extrusion wheel will be flattened by the scraps, resulting in no friction force on the extrusion wheel, and finally the extrusion consumables cannot be correctly extruded or the extrusion consumables slip, resulting in model printing failure.

    Clean the nozzle motor on time

    Whether the nozzle is blocked due to the small gap between the bottom plate, the residual debris in the nozzle, the difference between the feed wire and the conversion parameters, or the nozzle cannot be produced due to the winding and knotting of the feed plate, the nozzle motor will slide and idle, and the slag formed by the friction between the feeding gear and the wire will be deposited in the extrusion structure, which will interfere with the wire feeding torque, and may fall into the nozzle inlet and be stuck Wire to nozzle. Therefore, it is suggested that the user should clean the nozzle motor once a month after normal use. If users use 3D printers at a high intensity of 20 hours a day, it is recommended to clean them every half a month.

    Consumables protection

    Consumables usually have corresponding moisture absorption, which can not be exposed in the air for a long time. If your next printing interval is longer, it is suggested to store the consumables in sealed bags and put in desiccant. If the consumables are affected by moisture, the printing quality will be disturbed, and the problem of material breakage may occur during the printing process, which will directly lead to printing failure.

    Maintain the printer optical axis on time

    The x-axis and y-axis (two axes in horizontal direction) of 3D printer run at high speed during printing. In order to reduce friction resistance and noise, all optical axes of the printer have been coated with lubricating oil before delivery. It is suggested that users should apply a layer of lubricating oil on all optical axes of the printer every 2 months or when they feel that the printer is noisy. If the user uses the printer with high intensity, it is suggested to do optical axis maintenance once a month.

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