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    How to Make Your 3D Printer Print More Accurate
    03.18.2021 | Aiden | News

    In the novice little white world of FDM 3D printer, there is a kind of pain called "leveling". In 3D printing, the quality of the first layer of printing determines the quality of the whole model. If the first layer is not well printed, the model is likely to fail, and leveling is one of the biggest factors!

    If the platform is not horizontal, it may cause the model to be very firm at one position of the first layer, but not stick at another position at all; even because the platform is uneven, moving from the low position to the high position may scratch the print head. So, how can FDM 3D printer add auto leveling function to make 3D printing model more refined?

    Expansion of automatic leveling function of 3D printer based on melting stacking Marlin structure:

    1. Material sample of automatic leveling module


    2. Assembly diagram of automatic leveling module

    (1) Unscrew the screw in the red circle on the right side of the 3D printer nozzle;


    (2) Align the automatic leveling sheet metal part with the nozzle assembly hole, make sure that the assembly ring of the automatic leveling sheet metal part is parallel to the platform, and then tighten it with screws; at this time, select "return to origin" on the control panel to adjust the hot bed to just contact with the nozzle.


    (3) Unplug the pin pin pin of the z-axis limit switch;


    (4) Insert the pin pin pin of the z-axis wiring into the small plate box of the automatic leveling module;


    (5) Fix the voltage type automatic leveling sensor vertically at a height of 3mm from the platform, and the sensor must be installed higher than the nozzle.


    (6) Use a slotted screwdriver to turn the adjustable knob at the top of the proximity switch anticlockwise until the indicator light goes out (ignore this step if the indicator light is not on), and then slowly adjust the knob clockwise until the indicator light just comes on.


    2. Automatic leveling function operation

    (1) The auto home of automatic leveling is that the XY axis returns to the middle of the platform, and the Z axis returns to the position limit sensed by the sensor.



    (2) After auto home, the level bed option will appear in the operation interface, which is the basic automatic leveling function. The design based on software code starts to measure the actual distance between the nozzle and the platform at each measuring point on the platform


    After the level bed option is executed, the sensor will detect at four points of the platform


    (3) After slicing, add the automatic leveling instruction g29 in the slicing software, and delete the z-axis starting command G28 Z0. During printing, the automatic leveling will automatically fine tune the compensation printing of automatic leveling according to the actual distance between the nozzle of each measuring point and the hot bed platform z-axis, so as to achieve better printing effect.


    The above is the installation process of the automatic leveling module. If you have any other doubts in this regard, you can contact chuangxiang 3D online customer service at any time!

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