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    How to choose a cost-effective UV Curing 3D printer
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    At present, UV curing technology is divided into SLA laser scanning, DLP digital projection and LCD selective area light transmission technology. LCD printing technology, the simplest understanding, is to use 405nm ultraviolet light to irradiate photosensitive resin materials, and LCD panel as a selective light transmission technology, so that the liquid resin rapid solidification molding, with the characteristics of high precision and high molding quality.

    CREALITY LCD light curing printer is a combination of ultra-high precision, complete functions and economic benefits. The ultra-high precision of 0.02mm-0.05mm is comparable to DLP industrial light curing machine. Compared with SLA light curing and DLP light curing molding machine, the LCD light curing machine is more economical and more affordable, with higher economic acceptance in the market, and is popular in the consumer market.

    Now the UV curing 3D printers are basically more than 100000. Is there a 3D printer with a price close to the people and superior configuration?

    Last year, CREALITY 3D launched ld-002r light curing 3D printer, which can be regarded as a representative of cost performance. It is an upgraded version of ld-002, but it has more market power. Compared with our function improvement, the current market price is only 1999 yuan. As we all know, due to its high-precision characteristics, the price range of the UV curing machine in the market is basically more than 3000-20000 yuan, and there is basically no price lower than 2000 yuan. It is a great welfare for consumers that the price of the UV curing equipment can be sold at such a low price. The purpose of this move is to let the UV curing machine enter the consumer market, so that more people can enjoy the convenience of the UV curing 3D printing technology.


    Ld-002r UV curing 3D printer, a high-precision, full-featured and economical UV curing 3D printer, has high cost performance and wide application fields. In terms of accuracy, the single pixel size of ld-002r is 50 × 50 μ m, the minimum layer height is 20 μ m, XY accuracy can reach 0.075mm, and the single spot area point is only 26.1 μ m2. The printer can create details only visible under the microscope. The speed and accuracy of ld-002r opens up new possibilities in precision engineering, dentistry and jewelry, and it can restore every detail of your design.


    3D printer equipment application scenarios cover architectural design, medical industry, handmade model, industrial design, jewelry, art and other fields.

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