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    How to choose a 3D printer
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    With the continuous popularization and development of 3D printers, small 3D printers have gradually become our toys. So, how to choose entry-level 3D printers when you are new to 3D printers? Next, we recommend several small 3D printers to see if they can meet your needs.

    Domestic 3D printer manufacturers are rising rapidly. In the following years, domestic brands quickly occupy the market with the advantage of high cost performance, and become an important force in China and even in the world. Shenzhen chuangxiang 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer, focusing on the research and development and production of 3D printers. The product line covers two series of "FDM and light curing", with more than 20 3D printers with completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, the independently researched and manufactured hot-melt deposition and light curing 3D printers are at the leading level in China. The company has been committed to the market-oriented application of 3D printers, providing individuals, families, schools and enterprises with efficient and affordable comprehensive 3D printing solutions to meet the requirements of each creativity for efficiency, quality and rapid prototyping. So, what are the small 3D printers of chuangxiang 3D?

    1. Ender-3 series

    Ender-3 is one of the best-selling products in the world, with an annual shipment of over 200000 units in 2018. The foundation of the machine comes from the factory. Ender-3 is a semi assembled 3D printer. It usually takes less than an hour to assemble those who are familiar with mechanics and 3D printing. If this is the first 3D printer to pave the way for beginners to enter the world of 3D printing, a separate component will help you learn the basics of 3D printers. It has a printing capacity of 220x220x250mm, which is more likely to print than its previous generation of ender-2. It has buildtak's heating base plate, power recovery mode and tight filament channel, making it easier to print with flexible materials. These are properties that are hard to find in more expensive printers.


    2. Light curing ld-002r

    Ld-002r is aimed at the market of UV curing consumer grade 3D printer. Its body size is 221x21x403mm, its maximum construction size is 120x65x165mm, and its appearance design is exquisite. Compared with the large-scale fdm3d printer, it looks much smaller and doesn't need to occupy a lot of space. It can be placed in offices, teaching desks, design studios and other places without being very abrupt.



    The printing size of cr-100 is only 100 * 100 * 80mm, but the printing performance is excellent. Relying on the years of technology accumulation in the R & D and production of 3D printer equipment, the quality of the printed model is as refined as that of professional equipment. Therefore, the manufacturer also mentioned that the equipment is not only suitable for parent-child education, maker workshops and other fields of education, but also for more professional fields such as literature and art creation and industrial design.


    The above is a brief introduction of small 3D printer. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact our online customer service!

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