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    How to Buy A 3D Printer? What is the Price of 3D Printer?
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    During this period, 3D printers have entered a boom. Some are used to support the epidemic, some are used to print food, and some are used to print houses. The categories of these 3D printers are different. Because of the variety, many people will start with their own 3D printers with doubts. However, the types and prices of 3D printers on the market are different, which makes it difficult for many people to choose Let's talk about how to choose a 3D printer and how much is its price?

    Whether it's for home use or for companies and factories, we should first understand what we want to do with 3D printers? How much is the budget?

    The size, function description and price of each type of equipment are different. The starting price of entry-level 3D printers can be as low as several hundred yuan, while the starting price of high-end industrial machines can exceed 100000 yuan.

    Entry level 3D printers are suitable for beginners. Before upgrading to more expensive models, you can gradually get familiar with 3D printing technology. Usually there will be a mild learning curve, but there will be limitations in practice. Compared with the higher price models, entry-level 3D printers are noisy, slow to print, and not very good at printing quality. At the same time, they are not very useful.

    For players who are familiar with 3D printers, schools, robot clubs and enterprises with standard 3D printer functions will select professional 3D printers. Professional 3D printer is faster than entry-level printing efficiency, more choice of printing materials. These devices can print high-quality 3D parts, and the range of 3D printing materials, including different textures and colors, also has a great extension. The best devices in this category can also print quickly while maintaining quality.

    However, factories usually produce large goods and batch products, so they have a higher standard for 3D printers. They can learn from the printing accuracy, printing size, printing time, printing materials and many other aspects. Industrial grade 3D printers are born because of this, and the corresponding prices will naturally be higher, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

    In summary, the further promotion of 3D printing education can promote the popularity of maker movement, family printers and small 3D printing shops will be more popular, and everyone will be able to make their own products. In the future, with the development of 3D printers, materials and post-processing technology, the application scope of 3D printing will continue to expand. How much money to buy a 3D printer, the key is to look at the materials of the goods, and then according to the printing accuracy, printing time, operation and use, etc.