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    How is 3D Printing Human Image Ormed
    03.10.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    What is 3d Priting Human?

    How is 3D Printing Human Image ormed-01

    3D printing human image scans the whole body of a character through a 3D scanner to obtain the 3D data of the whole body of a character. After computer modeling, the model is converted into a format recognized by a 3D printer. Using a special 3D printer and adhesive materials such as powder metal or plastic, a realistic 3D model can be created.

    How is 3D Printing Human Image ormed-02

    What are the steps?

    Step 1: scan 3D data and digitize characters.

    Use 3D scanner to get 3D portrait data. Using a scanner to scan around an object, you can scan the scene in just a few minutes to get a preliminary model.

    Step 2: 3D designers improve 3D printing portrait

    After the improvement of 3D designer, it becomes a 3D virtual human image, which can be viewed from any angle 360 degrees.

    Step 3: use 3D printer to print 3D virtual human image as 3D physical human image

    When printing, use metal, plastic, gypsum and other materials to paste layer by layer to form a three-dimensional computer model.

    Step 4: 3D portrait surface treatment

    Post processing. After fine grinding and pure hand coloring, a 3D printed portrait is completed.

    3D printing portrait can be a unique gift, a self portrait with commemorative significance, and there are more interesting functions to be explored.

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