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    How Amazing is 3D Printing? Can Anything be Printed
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Here can say that 3D printing technology is really magical. Although it is not enough to print everything, there are so many things that can be 3D printed. Recently, 3D printing technology has made new breakthroughs, such as printing houses, printing food, printing heart models, etc. Although there is still a distance from omnipotent, it is also fast! Here are a few examples.

    Recently, the Ukrainian start-up company avivdom has also developed this 3D printing smart house. Small houses, according to modular standards, allow many units to be assembled together to build a larger building. This 3D printing house can be built in all environments, allowing customers to live freely in nature and lead a green development and zero carbon emission life.

    From all over the world, 3D printing buildings encounter the same difficulties, that is, there is no sound national or industrial standard in terms of technology, quality and cost, and there is a lack of detailed evaluation system. In addition, there is no special design software for 3D printing buildings. The BIM software applied at this stage should belong to the management category rather than the design category. Most of the 3D building printing equipment is also blank. The functional and environmental friendly materials used in 3D printing buildings are also in the preliminary stage.

    How Amazing is 3D Printing Can Anything be Printed

    2. Previously, there were news reports about 3D printing of vegetarian beef, and now there are reports about 3D printing imitating fish meat. Can food 3D printer be used to print salmon that many people like to eat? On July 13, 2020, a group of international students developed a 3D printing technology that can print complex adhesives and proteins into plant-based fish substitutes.

    In 2017, they gradually participated in the EU supported additive manufacturing research project. This group of students from Denmark recently innovated this extrusion based 3D printing process to manufacture salmon. Now trading under the name of legendary Vish, the start-up is looking to commercialize its products in order to provide healthier and more delicious substitutes for today's vegetarians.

    How Amazing is 3D Printing Can Anything be Printed

    3. Researchers from the University of Minnesota reported in the latest issue of the journal Circulation research that they used human cells to 3D print a normal centimeter scale human heart muscle pump model in the laboratory. The researchers said that the heart muscle pump model system, which can play a normal role, is of great significance for the study of heart disease, and their technical achievements have taken an important step towards creating a large chamber model like the human heart.

    The researchers pointed out that the normal function of the cardiac muscle pump model system is of great significance for heart disease research, and their technical achievements are likely to have a revolutionary impact on heart research. The new model will become a valuable tool for studying the function of the heart, tracking the changes of heart structure at the cellular and molecular levels, and studying the effects of heart disease drugs and therapies.

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