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    How about LD-002R UV curing 3D printer?
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Ld-002r is a new product launched by chuangxiang 3D at the end of 2019. It is also a full HD LCD light curing 3D printer that chuangxiang devoted to last year. It has been upgraded on the basis of basic configuration. Once launched, it has been highly recognized by users.

    "Two page models have been printed. The accuracy is very good in all aspects

    The appearance of the whole machine is very firm, and the printed models are perfect

    High precision, good detail handling, high height and strong sheet metal structure

    The school bought it for research and development, and it has a good sense of three-dimensional model

    Very practical, realistic effect, fast printing speed"

    Compared with FDM 3D printer, LCD light curing 3D printer has obvious advantages: high printing accuracy, fast printing speed and simple operation.

    Due to the high precision and super fast printing speed of the UV curing 3D printer, it is often the first choice of the precision manufacturing industry and super makers, but it is undeniable that the product price is also often high, which brings the use threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users.

    After 7 months of technical breakthrough, the R & D team of chuangxiang 3D reduced the price of a UV curing 3D printer to less than 2000 yuan, which is completely the same as the price of FDM 3D printer.


    Compared with FDM 3D printer, UV curing 3D printer is also widely used in the industry. At present, ld-002r has been used in education, handmade, auto parts, toys, dentistry, home and other industries



    Display of ld-002r user print model

    Ld-002r can achieve 0.01-0.05mm precision printing, which can fully meet the requirements of general industry for model refinement. And it also supports 4-8 times of edge anti aliasing function. The printed model can be used directly without even grinding. For models with high precision requirements in manufacturing industry, our original approach is often to send them to a special printing mechanism, which is not only costly, but also troublesome if there are many modifications in the middle. It is very convenient to use ld-002r for printing. It can be printed in real time and modified at any time, which greatly saves the time in the board making stage.


    Display of ld-002r user print model

    Users who are familiar with the UV curing 3D printing method all know that FDM is a point to surface and surface to surface printing method, while LCD UV curing printing is a surface to surface printing method. This greatly improves the speed of 3D printing model, and ld-002r 3D printer can generally reach 6-18s / layer.

    In the face of the users who use the UV curing 3D printer for the first time, we also list some common questions for you, hoping to help you.

    What is the print size of ld-002r 3D printer?

    Ld-002r 3D printer has a forming size of 119 × 65 × 160mm, which can fully meet the needs of fine model printing.

    Is the machine platform well leveled?

    The ld-002r leveling machine only needs to manually adjust the four screws attached to the printing platform, and even the 3D printing small white can be fully operated.


    Does the printing process smell?

    The ld-002r 3D printer adopts a new built-in air filter system, which greatly reduces the odor emission by circulating air flow. Even when printing indoors, it can effectively reduce the odor of printing.


    How many consumables are suitable?

    Because the chute box is not transparent, it is difficult for users to know how many consumables they poured in. There is a ladder scale built in the side of ld-002r chute, each scale represents a different capacity, and how much is poured in is clear at a glance.


    Can unused consumables be reused?

    Yes, we can reuse the endless consumables. We are specially equipped with a funnel, which is convenient to pour into the bottle for reuse.

    Is slicing software easy to use for Freshuser?

    According to the user feedback of our e-commerce platform, the slicing operation of this machine is very simple. Especially for the first time to use the UV curing machine users. After the early optimization of the designer, the use process has been optimized to the best, and the operation can be completed according to the instructions.

    Do you have a heart attack with such a light curing 3D printer? If you are interested, you can get to know the customer service of chuangxiang 3D printer.

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