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    How 3D Printing Technology Realizes rinting and How It Is Different from Ordinary Printing
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printing technology, since the 1980s, has been widely concerned, until now it is still being discussed. What kind of technology is it? What can I print out? 3D printing is a breakthrough invention of manufacturing technology. This new technology rose abroad in 1980s. And has been developed and promoted. Based on 3D printing technology, we can simply and easily turn the design drawings in the computer into reality according to everyone's creativity. Therefore, 3D printing technology is recognized as an effective force to promote the third industrial revolution. Also once caused 3D printing global fever. In the past 30 years, with the continuous development and application of 3D printing technology, there has been continuous discussion about it.

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    Then, why has 3D printing technology been so concerned? Since 3D printing emerged in the 1980s, many people believe that it will bring about a great change in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we will continue to pay attention to it. Let's make a brief introduction about what 3D is in 3D printing. D is actually the abbreviation of our English word dimension. When translated back, it is actually space and dimension. 3D is the meaning of three-dimensional, is a three-dimensional printing. So, what's the difference between it and print? In fact, we use the computer to input some pictures to the printer. The printer actually uses a nozzle to spray ink onto the paper. Generate a two-dimensional image. So this is what we call traditional printing.

    The three-dimensional printing, it actually shows a three-dimensional solid. That's the difference we call it simplicity. But how did 3D printing work? We said that the success of 3D printing, we first need to have a virtual digital entity model. Then, we need to slice this entity model with the help of professional software. Cut itself into pieces. After modeling, we use special software to slice. It's because the data of slicing is the data that our printer can recognize. After the slicing is finished, we hand over the slicing data to the printer. The printer prints step by step through each layer, and then accumulates layer by layer. To achieve our printing success. In that case, it will print out a solid model.

    It's like putting this slice together, and then putting it together. It's a process like building blocks, building houses, adding layers of experience. How did we succeed in 3D printing? Common printing, it is to transfer the text or image data in the computer to the printer, and the printer controls the printing nozzle. Print where needed on paper. Print the document or picture line by line. This kind of common printer, print out all flat.

    3D printing technology, the premise is to create a digital 3D model in the computer. Using special software, the digital model is refined and sliced. And then these pieces of flat image data are sent to a 3D printer. The printer then uses the real raw materials, in turn, one by one to print and stack up, three-dimensional objects.

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