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    High-Tech Food in the Future: Made by 3D Printer Products
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Now 3D printing clothes, 3D printing buildings, 3D printing medical models and other cases emerge in endlessly. With the development and innovation of 3D printing technology, the future 3D printer products will enter every family and become the new favorite of the kitchen.

    3D printing technology appeared in the 1990s and was first used in industrial design, mold manufacturing and other fields. With the continuous development of this technology, it has been applied in aerospace, medical industry and dental model, architecture, cultural relics protection, automobile manufacturing, jewelry design, film and television props and other fields. Its more and more extensive application prospects make 3D printing technology obtain rapid development Food 3D printer came into being.

    High-Tech Food in the Future: Made by 3D Printer Products

    Now the 3D printer products on the market are similar to FDM (melt extrusion molding) technology, using food as raw materials, such as batter, chocolate, cheese, etc., and then printing the designed food form through 3D printer. Over the years, engineers and designers have brought us different ways to squeeze food, from 3D printed steak or chicken to fine pancakes, even the concept of aviation food, or meals made in sanatoriums for patients with dysphagia (dysphagia).

    Advantages of food 3D printing technology

    The operation of 3D printer products is very simple and easy to understand. Even users who can't cook can quickly get familiar with the use of food 3D printer, and the production speed is very fast. Secondly, the flexible creation space of food 3D printing is very large. It can not only match the stone flexibly, but also design the finished product form at will. It is a very good platform for creative concrete exhibition for those users who are full of creativity and have extraordinary ideas.

    High-Tech Food in the Future: Made by 3D Printer Products-02

    Food 3D printing technology is an excellent way to change texture and flavor. Recently, food 3D printing technology has shown its special advantages at the 2020 flavor summit. Toni Sakaguchi, the chef of CIA, embellished "Ginger ice tea with whisky and spice" with ginger lemon wedge. Mei Lin, the top American Chef, roasts Cantonese curries with shrimp sauce, decorated with fluorescent 3D printing made of Madras Curry powder, carrot curry coated with African Black Lime powder and Greek yogurt leaves, passion fruit seed frozen cake, including 3D printing vanilla flowers.

    High-Tech Food in the Future: Made by 3D Printer Products-03

    (3D printed ginger lemon corner ornament decorated with ginger iced tea with whisky and spice)

    The dishes made by 3D printing technology can create a special experience for the guests. I believe that in the future, 3D printer products will play a greater role in more fields, and digital manufacturing will be carried out through 3D printing to provide people with more nutritious, balanced and interesting food.

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