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    Foreign Volunteers Use Creality 3D printer to Make Protective Mask
    03.12.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    With the further escalation of the epidemic, under the "new crown" rampage, protection has become a top priority, and anti epidemic materials such as masks have become scarce.


    Recently, we learned novel coronavirus pneumonia from a Xinhua News Agency news agency. In April 5th, a volunteer in Istanbul, Turkey, was used to create a protective mask for the new 3D pneumonia and to donate it to a medical personnel's platform.

    According to the new crown data released by the Ministry of health of Turkey on April 5, 3135 new confirmed cases were found in Turkey within 24 hours, with a total of 27069 confirmed cases.

    Since the platform was launched on March 19, about 4000 individuals or institutions with 3D printing equipment have registered. According to one volunteer, the platform produced and donated about 40000 masks to the hospital.


    On April 5, in Istanbul, Turkey, Ender Akarsu, a 32 year old geological engineer, debugged his 3D printing device. Since March 29, Akarsu's equipment has produced about 60 protective masks.


    (medical staff wear 3D printing mask)

    At the same time, 3D printing makers all over the world also use 3D printers to make anti epidemic materials to protect the safety of front-line medical staff in a practical way. Before that, we learned that the United States, Spain, Norway, Malaysia and other countries use the creative 3D printer to make the protective mask, which has a very low production cost, can be reused after cleaning, and is very environmentally friendly.

    Creality 3D printer provides protection for epidemic prevention and control, and enriches the daily use demand of front-line prevention and control materials.

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