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    Five Advantages of FDM 3D Printer
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printing technology is a more and more valuable business tool, among which FDM (melt stack) is the most commonly used 3D printing technology, widely used in all walks of life, widely praised by users, so why FDM (melt stack) 3D printer is so popular, what are the advantages? Here are five advantages of FDM 3D printer.

    Five Advantages of FDM 3D Printer

    1. Low price

    FDM 3D printing technology itself has a high cost-effectiveness. Generally, the starting price of 3D printer is only 1000 yuan. In addition to the low cost, the later maintenance cost of the technology is also very economic. For general maintenance, repair and replacement of parts and motors, as well as electric power, FDM is the most cost-effective 3D printing technology used so far.

    2. Many consumables

    Multi material type support. Although the form of consumables used in FDM printing process is single, the material is multi-style. The mainstream materials, such as water-soluble support materials, ABS, PA, PC, TPU, etc., can print products through FDM equipment. From edible foods to plastics and metals, almost any raw material that can be made into filaments can be used in FDM 3D printers.

    3. Simple operation

    The operation flow is as follows: ① import the 3D model file (usually. STL or. Obj) into a program called slicer. The program "slices" the object into a single layer, creates a slice file, tells the printer where to move, and controls parameters such as printing speed and temperature. ② Send the slice file to the FDM machine. ③ The printing nozzle heats and melts the plastic wire and extrudes it through the nozzle. ④ The 3D model is built layer by layer, and each successive layer is fused on the layer below until the whole model is completed. Whether desktop or industrial, FDM technology can highly adapt to various settings, and can produce any standard parts from rapid prototyping to final use.

    4. Short model making time

    Fdm3d printer can print a 3D model template with more accurate activity as a whole. Or assembled products; greatly reducing the time cost and labor cost of enterprise template.

    5. Integrated forming

    FDM 3D printer is a 3D printer that can be formed in a few hours. It enables designers and developers to realize a leap from plan to entity.

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    That's why FDM 3D printer technology is so popular. If you have other questions, please contact our customer service.