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    Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer Helps Okinawa Marine Corps to Make Anti Epidemic Mask
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    During the epidemic, 3D printing technology, when it is difficult to return to work, makes use of the advantages of technology to produce and manufacture epidemic prevention materials such as epidemic masks and masks, builds a epidemic prevention safety line for people, and becomes an important part of epidemic prevention and control.

    It is understood that the newly confirmed cases of crown have appeared in Okinawa. The 3rd maintenance camp of Marine Expeditionary Force in campcampuse, Okinawa county has 17 innovative 3D ender-3 Pro 3D printers in the "factory" warehouse of Kinser camp, and these 3D printers are used to make anti epidemic masks.

    When Okinawa's new crown emerged, the Marine Corps thought about what it could do for the outbreak and began to discuss the need for personal protective equipment. They started looking at available designs online and talking to the 3D printing community.

    Subsequently, the Marine Corps organized a number of technical courses in column design involving 3D printing. When the Marines saw 24 Creality 3D ender-3 Pro 3D printers in the warehouse, they said, "we're lucky to have these printers on our heads."

    After assembling the ender-3 Pro 3D printer, six Marines retained 17 in Kinser and deployed another seven on the island.

    Ender-3-Pro-3D-printer-helps-Okinawa-Marine -Corps-to-make-anti-epidemic-mask-creality-3d-printer-01

    As a result, they began to print anti epidemic materials with Creality 3D ender-3 pro. Two Marines work six hours a day to produce and manufacture 3D printing masks, the chief said.

    Since March 30, the Marine Corps has printed 5000 mask frames and 800 mask frames for medical staff and guards at Okinawa naval hospital.

    Creality 3D is a world-famous 3D printer manufacturer. During the epidemic, Creality 3D printer helped overseas makers to produce various epidemic protection articles, contributing to the containment of the epidemic.

    Ender-3-Pro-3D-printer-helps-Okinawa-Marine -Corps-to-make-anti-epidemic-mask-creality-3d-printer-02

    (Overseas makers make anti epidemic masks with the 3D printer of Creality 3D)

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