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    Development Trend of 3D Printing Industry
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    With the overall development of 3D printer technology and continuous technological innovation, in recent years, the global 3D printing market is growing rapidly. At present, 3D printing technology around the world has grown into ceramic 3D printing, polymer 3D printing, metal 3D printing and biological 3D printing, and has been applied in various industries.

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    Based on the introduction of 3D printer technology in China is slow, there are some differences with overseas, but in recent years, it has grown rapidly. The country also attaches great importance to additive manufacturing industry. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual sales volume of additive manufacturing industry will exceed 20 billion yuan, with an average annual increase of more than 30%. Important core and key technologies should be built up to the international level of synchronous growth, process equipment should basically meet the needs of market application, ecological system construction should be significantly improved, large-scale application should be built in some fields, and international development capacity should be significantly improved.

    For four years, smarteanalysis has compiled the annual conclusion assessment of 3D printing market, which details the current situation of 3D printing business. According to the assessment, the global 3D printing market will increase to about $10.4 billion in 2019, breaking the $10 billion barrier for the first time in nearly 40 years.

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    Research institutions say that the global 3D printing market has reached 10 billion US dollars in 2019

    It is estimated that the 3D printing market will maintain stable growth in the future, reaching the annual value of $55 billion. The funding does not include areas related to 3D printing applications, but only areas related to prototypes, tools and final parts. Application value is generally not included in the evaluation of 3D printing industry, because these are considered to be corresponding vertical areas rather than 3D printing market. However, the common consensus is that the value of simultaneous interpreting of 3D printers is much greater than the market value of technology and hardware itself, just like traditional manufacturing industries.

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